Stargirl McCaden Biever

Never change yourself just to make friends


Archie: He is a guy that is kind of weird and he has alot of bones in his house. Leo: He likes Stargirl but he is to afraid to show it. Stargirl: She is a very nice girl that gives people stuff if something tragic has happened. Stargirl is very diferent she has a rat that she caries on her sholder. She sings Happy birthday in the cafiteria with her uck.

Kids pick

It was when Stargirl was on the hot seat and she thought it was an actual hot seat.

Figurative Language

strong verbs

I jumped into the family pickup and raced to the stadium. page 22 I bolted from the truck. page 22 Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arm: page 22. See better up here; he said yanking me into the stands. page 22 She poged into the air and knoked her bare heels together page 23


It is a story about a school in Arizona that has no spirit and then Stargirl came around. So it is the middle of school year and they r getting some spirit then they lose in basketball and they hate Stargirl. But leo does not  hate her. They had their first kiss around April. Then Leo started to get mad that know one likes him. Stargirl went to state for speach and she won. Stargirl thought that when she got home she would see every one cheering for her but there was only 3 people there. Then the next day she did not come to school because she moved to Minnesota and that was the last time Leo saw her.


Jerry Spinelli: Stargirl 18, 15, 14, 22