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Wednesday 26 July 2023

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MPS Value: Confidence & Resilience

Mauri tū mauri ora ----- An active soul is a healthy soul

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Macleans Primary School Community

Hi Everyone

I trust we all had a lovely, relaxing and fruitful break and first week back at school! It has been great to be back at school and see all the kids 'bright-eyed and bushy tailed' and ready for another terrific term at Macleans Primary. The past week has seen the children get straight back into their learning and into the many extra-curricula activities on offer, including the cross country training in preparation for the school cross country this Friday, 28 July. Although the weather forecast is looking good for Friday, please note that we have yet to set a new date and/or re-organisation of the cross-country should we have to cancel due to inclement weather. Please see more details on the cross-country within this newsletter.

You would have seen the information notice I sent home last week; a reminder from the notice that we are hosting another parent session on 'learning to self-regulate' for children on Wed. 1 August at 9.15am in the staffroom. This is the second parent session we have hosted, so if you missed the first please feel free to come along to the second.

Also from the notice sent home was a reminder that dates for learning conferences and Macleans learning Pathways/reports to be sent home will be announced very soon, so watch this space!

A special welcome to the new children who have started this term; we look forward to getting to know you! Welcome as well to our short-term International students; thanks for choosing Macleans Primary as a place to study for a few weeks.

Have a fantastic Term 3 everyone.

Please enjoy the newsletter.

Regards & Nga Mihi

Matthew Cooke

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Olympic Ambassador Black Stick Player Samantha Charlton Visited Y4-Y6

At the end of last term, Samantha Charlton visited the Y4-Y6 team. Samantha talked about the Olympic Values and how they related to the Macleans Values. Here are the Olympic Values below. How do you think they relate to the Macleans Values? Pretty similar for sure!

The original values of Olympism as expressed in the Olympic Charter were to “encourage effort”, “preserve human dignity” and “develop harmony”. Over time, they have evolved and are now expressed in more contemporary terms as:

1. Striving for Excellence and encouraging people to be the best they can be.

2. Celebrating Friendship, which is quite unique to the Olympic Games – an event that brings people together every few years.

3. Demonstrating Respect in many different manners: respect towards yourself, the rules, your opponents, the environment, the public, etc.

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Peace Week 2023

This year Peace Week takes place between 6 - 12 August. The theme this year is “Community Connect: Project 4 Peace”. The goal is to emphasise the importance of forming connections in communities. By developing these connections, we can help to build peace and improve relationships between individuals and groups. By participating in Youth Peace week, the idea is to build deeper connections within our community, and help create a better place for us all to live! Classes will be involved in various activities and the there will be school-wide activities as well. Thanks to Mrs Holt and the Peer Mediators for making Peace Week at Macleans Primary School happen.

NZ Maths Week: 7 to 11 August

Maths Week was established by the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) in 1998. It is a premier mathematics event in the New Zealand school calendar, gaining the attention of an estimated audience of more than 250,000 students, teachers and parents from around New Zealand in August each year.

There will be different maths activities linked to maths week across Macleans Primary, including home-learning activities. Find out more about NZAMT at

Property Updates

Hall - Three building companies lined up for final tender after further Auckland Council assessments of fire protection & sound loop.

R6-R9 Refurbishment - Now shovel ready. Same company that is going to do hall will do R6-R9.

Four Parking Lot Spaces - I have received an email the other day with next steps coming soon.

Fence Along the Front of School - September holidays.

Night - Time Security and Outdoor Lighting - Upgrades and repairs to 30% of external lighting.

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Parking & Dropping Off: Do Not Park On Broken Yellow Lines

A reminder about dropping off and picking-up in safe places only please. As we know at the end of the day outside many schools in NZ, including Macleans Primary, here can be a few minutes of congestion. Patience is key and then it is all clear. You can always drop off and pick up your child on Gills Road or Priestley Drive to avoid Wycherley. Children can walk into school safely, crossing on Wycherley crossing into the school or Gills Road. Udall Place is popular as well as we have a back entrance into the school; Udall can get busy, however. Dropping off on Marandellas is a good option as the children can cross on the Gills Road crossing.

Here is a reminder on the parking on broken yellow lines from Auckland Transport Website:

What are the parking rules?

As a quick reference, these are some of the places you must not park, stop your vehicle, set down or pick up passengers:

  • Broken yellow lines;
  • Bus or transit lanes during the hours of operation as indicated by the signs;
  • Where traffic signs states you must not stop or park;
  • On a marked bus stop or taxi stand.
  • Parking spaces are well signposted. However, if you're unsure whether you can park somewhere or how long you will need the space for, it's advisable you look for another, more suitable place to park.

Did you know? If you park on a broken yellow line, you may not be insured should anything happen to your car.

Evergreen Enviro. Team & Student Leaders New Initiative Coming Soon: Recycle Programme for Empty Dishwasher/Washing-Up Products. Details coming soon!

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Dates For Your Diary

Friday 28 July - School Cross Country. Y1-Y3 begins 9.10 at and Y4-Y6 is at 12.00 noon.

Tuesday 1 August - Parent Seminar at 9.15 in the staffroom: Children Self-Regulating

Friday 4 August - PTA Pyjama Day (gold coin donation, or pay via Kindo)

Tuesday 8 August - Y4 to Y6 Inter-School Cross Country (team slected AFTER school-cross-country - see sep. org. if your child is on the team)

Thursday 24 August - Disco ticket sales open (Kindo or bank transfer)

Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August - Peace Week (different school-wide & class activities)

Tuesday 8 August - Disco ticket sales open (Kindo or bank transfer)

Thursday 14 September - Disco ticket sales close

Friday 28 July - Assembly is a certificate assembly for Y4-Y6

Friday 4 August - Assembly is Y0 - Y3

Friday 11 August - Assembly Y4-Y6

Monday 4 September - New Entrant Class begins

School Cross Country this Friday 28 July. Hard copies of notices sent home previously. Here are the Y1-Y3 and Y4-Y6 notices below.

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MPS Evergreen Enviro. Team Reminding MPS Community about Tree Planting on 25 August

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2023 Value-Athon Winners

Well done to all the winners and to the top fundraising classes. Very well deserved for sure!

1st place and winner of the ipad is Alice Han from R12

2nd place and winner of the $400 Botany Voucher is Alexander Perkins from R3

3rd place and winner of the $300 Botany Voucher is Yehm Pangyani from R19

4th Place and winner of the $200 Botany Voucher is Aurora Charleston from R21

5th place winners x 4 of $25 each ($100 was allocated for 5th place): Angelina Fu (R3), Bilal Dean (R10), Cody Liu (R18) & Emily Geng (R22)

Top class fundraiser from each year group will get a pizza lunch and cazh day - date TBA:

Year 1 - Room 3

Year 2 - Room 9

Year 3 - Room 12

Year 4 - Room 15

Year 5 - Room 19

Year 6 - Room 21

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Howick-Pakuranga Principals Association Fair Play (you may have seen the new signage at school)

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Matariki Soup Prepared by the Evergreen Enviro. Team

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Dance Festival 2023 (see pics below)

The Dance Festival was held on Thursday 22 June at Somerville intermediate. One of 15 schools dancing on the night, the Macleans Primary School Chinese Ribbon Dance Team were amazing. A rhythmic and graceful display of pink enveloped the stage as the dynamic choreography was crisp and energetic. Well done to all the girls - you were great! Thanks to the parents who came along and cheered on the girls and to Miss Tse and Miss Khiu for all their hard work working with the team. We can't wait to see their next performance!

Kapa Haka Matariki Perofmance at the Uxbridge centre in Howick, 17 June 2023 (see photos below)

Macleans Primary was 1 of 4 schools invited to perform on Saturday 17 June at the Uxbridge Centre in Howick. It was a packed out performance during which Macleans Primary shone through. Well done Kapa Haka and thanks to Mrs Middleton and Rangiatea Minhinnick for their hard work coaching, managing and choreographing the Kapa Haka group. Thanks as well to all the whanau who came along to support the group.

Did you know that the Māori word 'kapa' means to stand in a row or rank, and haka is a dance. The term 'kapa haka' means a group or groups standing in rows to perform traditional Māori dances, accompanied by sung or chanted words.

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ICAS Exams for Y3-6

ICAS EXAMs for Y3 to Y6 begin in August. Entries close on 31 July. Download the information sheet below.

Yummy Apple Stickers

Please continue to send in the Yummy Apple Stickers. One Yummy Apple Sticker equals one MPS Values Counter. Children - please send the stickers and completed sheets to your teacher! Download the sheet below, attach stickers to the sheet or send in the stickers on a piece of paper.

Kindo - A great and Easy way to make school payments and permission notices. Download info. sheet below.


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