Sonoma Mountain High School

Philosophy of Education

I came to Sonoma Mountain on the second semester of my sophomore year, due to

inefficient credits. I wanted to catch up without having to take a whole bunch of classes over again and have to be reclassified all over again. I came hoping to graduate early and that is still my goal. I do not agree I don’t agree with society’s idea of school and how it determines what you can and can’t do in life. I think that school should be free and available to everyone without having to check income and or grades. The fact that letter grades can determine whether you enter a school or not is kind of dumb in my opinion. You don’t need education to be successful. I wish you could just go to school to learn how to do a career as a life job.

Although I do think that accomplishing my career goal is not going to be easy, I plan on

going through with my goal because I am my own motivation and I want to prove to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind too. I am aware that I’m going to be using some effective skills I have learned at Sonoma Mountain like leadership, responsibility, and organization and flexibility in my career. In order to accomplish my goal I plan on taking summer school and some Sign language at the JC during lunch so I can only a few

credits left to do. I plan on going to the Santa Rosa JC after high school. I plan on taking

nursing classes and then from there transfer to another college. I also plan on taking an

auto tech class so I can learn about cars and not have to count on someone else helping

me. I want to be a nurse because it's always been something that interested me.


English class is always interesting, we do many different things in that class. It also

happens to be my favorite class. Like from sentence corrections to SSR , to worksheets, to playing Kahoot that is tied into the lessons. I don't mind doing any assignments besides writing a essay. Essays are just a bit more time consuming but they are quite easy don't get me wrong. I think that you are a great teacher and that you don't need any improvements. Although there is a suggestion, I love when you show us Movies, that is literally how I actually learn something about a time period or something I need to be out for if it's related to an assignment. This isn't my strongest subject but it is my favorite Class. At casa it wasn’t but it is at Sonoma Mountain Highschool.

One assignment I enjoy doing is the packets, the sentence corrections or SSR, but I

mostly enjoy watching movies. I also don't mind doing Kahoot it because most are really

interesting and it gets pretty competitive if you ask me.They are also really informative and you can learn quite a bit. I enjoyed doing the immigration unit because I got to learn a lot about many different cultures who immigrated and had a difficult time. I also liked the “what it takes to be great” unit because it shows that no me is born great, you have to work for it. It was a super long lesson but it was ok. I like how we do vocab too because I actually end up using the words I was taught and it expands my vocabulary more.

One assignment I love doing is the New Colossus poem, I loved doing it because I made my own and it gave me the chance to be creative and express myself differently. I love poetry so if I get the chance to make my own I’m all for it. I don’t look like a poetry person but I guess looks can be deceiving. I love poetry. It makes me feel like I can put my thoughts into words. I liked how you gave us a option with changing the poem and making your own. I was actually surprised with my outcome.


In science class it has always been something new and it's always something quick but gets in depth with what we are learning. I enjoyed watching the science videos because I actually grasp onto some interesting facts. Another assignment I like are the current events, even though I might procrastinate on doing them I usually get them done. I like doing current events related to science because then I usually find out something interesting I had no idea about. It makes me be more appreciative towards nature. I think it would be cool if we could watch more videos, like literally my summer school science teacher played every video you showed and I was like I already watched all of these. He was shocked that I had already watched all of them and was like you have a really good science teacher then & I was like yes, the best .

One assignment that I enjoyed in science would be the watershed unit, we visited the water recycling facility, we also colored all the rivers and creeks around us, we also drew a water cycle digital diagram, we tested water the creek water to see what was in it. I chose this unit because it was interesting to know what was in our local water and not only that it was also nice to know how it is recycled and where it is being used.

Another assignment I liked was the fracking unit. It helped me understand where our natural gas is coming from. I chose this because it was the most recent assignments. In our notebook we did a fracking diagram. We also did an assignment on fracking vocabulary. It also made me realize that even though we use gas as a daily resource it destroys habitats and pollutes water. It also kills wildlife.