Valleydale + Iron City Vision Night

Tonight @ 6:30!

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Dear Church Family.

Just a reminder that Vision Night/ Members meeting is tonight. It is an important night for all of our members as we are discussing many things important for the life and health of our church. It is very important for all church members to attend. The meeting should last until 8:00 PM and we will begin promptly at 6:30 PM. Please see the agenda below. I appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you tonight in the Big Room at Valleydale.

In Christ,

Jason Dees

Order of Meeting

I. Membership:

  • New Members Vote - Kameron Pugh
  • Membership Transfer Update - Kameron Pugh
  • Membership Review Update and Vote - Kameron Pugh

II. Ministry Updates:

  • Worship Ministry - Meredith Watkins
  • Preschool Ministry - Martha Piedra

III. Old Business

  • By Laws Updates Vote - David Edge
  • Statement of Beliefs Updates Vote - Vance Blackburn
  • Church Covenant Updates Vote - Jeff Weathers
  • Church Discipline Policy Discussions - Bob Waters

IV. New Business

  • Deacon Policy Changes - Jeff Weathers
  • Deacons Vote - Jimmy Godfrey
  • Security Update - Graham Hill

V. Committee Reports

  • Nominating Committee Report:
  1. Nomination Process - Brian Harris
  2. Personnel Committee - Brian Harris
  3. Finance Committee - Keith Jennings
  4. Missions Committee - Bob Waters
  5. Church Officers - Jeff McGukin
  6. Elders Nominating Committee
  • Finance Committee Report - Keith Jennings
  • MAKE Commitment Discussion - Jason Dees