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Secondary - April 2014

Blooming Questions

As seasons change and blossoms bloom, so do the curious minds of our students. Embrace the change! This month's newsletter features great online resources that answer student’s questions about the world around them. In addition, keep reading to learn about the latest updates made to Tech Ponds for Teachers and upcoming Professional Development opportunities in April. Happy Spring!

High Interest, Non-Fiction Resources


Wonderopolis includes a wonder-of-the-day that provides a fresh new way to learn in the classroom. Ignite your day by exploring various topics on this site while promoting critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. In addition, students can practice good digital citizenship as they post comments and questions to the "wonders." Available in the App Store or as a web-based site. The web-based version provides a read-aloud option.

Dogo News

Dogo News is a great site for high-interest, current events. Students can read and respond to their favorite articles and post book reviews. Teachers can set up classrooms on the site and assign lessons using the articles available. Dogo News allows you to follow your students' activity on the site to monitor their comments and reviews. Give your students an opportunity to voice their opinions and connect to people outside of your classroom walls with this engaging site.

Time for Kids

You might already have a paper subscription to Time for Kids. Why not let your students explore this site online?

Nat Geo for Kids

If you are looking for a place to learn and have fun, then National Geographic for Kids is the one! Nat Geo for Kids. Find videos, news articles, and other fun interactives. This site provides a read-aloud option of articles found within each issue.

Other Resources

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a great site to find reviews, top picks, best apps & games, videos, and blogs. There are reviews and top picks for movies, music, games, tv, books, apps, and websites. Best Apps & Games listed by Math, Reading, Creativity, preschool, puzzles, and special needs. Videos for movie reviews and videos to help advise families on a variety of topics. There is even a parent blog that focuses on parenting, media, and more! If you look under the Educators tab, then you’ll find some great resources on Digital Citizenship. Visit to explore for yourself!

April is National Poetry Month!

Scholastic has a great section called Writing with Writers which focuses on poetry. Featured are three different authors that provide tips and techniques for writing poetry. There is also an interactive - Poetry Idea Engine, which allows you to create haikus, free verse, limericks, and more!

Check out readwritethink, the Library of Congress, NPR, and Edutopia for more resources.

  • Level 3: "Appy Hour": iPads for K-12 Teachers - April 8; 4-5 PM OKMS
  • Level 3: SMART Board - April 8; 4-5 PM CMS

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