Wife of Bath: Another Affair

An Alison Affair

An Unholy Meeting

Alison, known as the "Wife of Bath", was caught cheating on her current husband with someone very interesting. It seems even the priest has taken a liking to this intrepid lady. They were seen having dinner at the Bread & Wine Dine restaurant last Saturday. Then, the priest was seen following her to her home being much too close not coming out until the next morning. We can't say exactly what went on, but one thing was obvious, it was a very unholy meeting.

The Husband's Thoughts

Not The First Time

We talked to her husband and he said this wasn't the first time this happened. He had let it slide before for reasons unknown (another story perhaps). He said he will not tolerate it no more and will have to do something to defend his dignity. We'll just have to wait and see what happens