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August 2, 2020

The first day of school is AUGUST 24th!!! All students will begin with on-line instruction!

In this Issue:

School Information

  • A Message from Mrs. Barry
  • Who's Who at MWE - 2020-2021
  • Devices for ALL Students
  • Meet the Teacher, Technology Deployment, and Material Pick Up
  • Parent U: Opening the Door To Distance Learning
  • LearnSBISD
  • Tips for Teaching Children to Wear Masks
  • Remind Notices - 2020-2021

PTA Corner
  • School Supplies and Spirit Wear Orders

District Information

  • Superintendent's Message
  • Spring Branch ISD Commitments
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From Mrs. Barry:

Great news! Last week, we received confirmation that our new playground equipment will be delivered the first week of August. Installation should be completed by the end of the month! This has been a very long process, and we are so grateful for Annie Ickes and the playground committee. We are hopeful that, when students return to campus for face-to-face instruction, this new equipment will be ready for recess fun!

Talking about our new equipment made me think of the playgrounds of my youth. Back in the 70's, things were quite a bit different! It's a wonder I survived! As I reflected on those play structures, I couldn't help make comparisons to our current environment. First, we had TALL Metal Slides. If you were afraid of heights, forget it! As you perched precariously on the top (these suckers were narrow, with no rails on the side), you knew that, at some point, you were going to stick to the surface, burning your legs or any other exposed skin. Like our current educational dilemma, we are at the top, looking down, hoping not to tumble or be burned, but instead looking for a smooth journey to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, courageously ready for the ride.

Then we had Metal Seesaws. These would jerk you up and down, giving you whiplash. There was always a friend who jumped off unexpectedly, making you crash to the ground, rattling your brain and destroying your tailbone. This reminds me of the days and months since March - we've been on an up and down ride since before Spring Break. At times we've felt high in the air, only to come crashing down when circumstances, or information, has changed. As in my youth, this doesn't stop us from getting on - we're ready to meet the up and down challenges for the sake of our children!

Who could forget Jungle Gyms? These structures provided a place to climb up and down, over, in and through. Did I mention they were metal?? Known affectionately as "arm breakers," many a child fell through these bars, sustaining injury. Again, in our current educational environment, we are traversing in and out of all the requirements, regulations, orders, and recommendations, while maintaining our core values, mission, and vision. Navigating isn’t always easy, but finding our way to the top is the ultimate goal.

I'd be remiss not to mention Merry-Go-Rounds. As some classmates ran around, rotating this magical round piece of metal, we jumped on - and held on for dear life. Sometimes the "pusher" fell and was dragged behind; sometimes you didn't hang on tight enough and flew off; inevitably people crashed into each other on the ground. Again, it's easy to make the connection. We've been going around and around for months, sometimes jumping on and other times falling off. At times, those pushing have fallen away, leaving us to either push ourselves or come to a stop. Though dizzy with all the spinning, we are both pushing to continue moving and holding on for what comes next.

I'm sure most of you have played Tether Ball. With a volleyball tied to a rope on a pole, the intent was for an organized game of hitting the ball back and forth, until one person was able to get the rope wrapped around the pole. In reality, getting hit by the ball was normal and happened quite frequently. Getting hit with new information or a new situation has been a daily occurrence since March! Even when we are on the lookout, we are often blindsided by that whack! However, our strategic planning allows us to keep our eye on the ball - the best possible education of our students in the safest possible environment - and come out winners.

Finally, my favorite - and most terrifying - thing to play on was the Maypole. A tall pole had chains attached at the top, with bars at the end, large enough for your hands. The top of the pole rotated, and you would run as fast as you could, holding onto the bar, until your momentum picked you and you were flying! Around and around you went, until you flew off or the speed slowed down. (Did I mention this was made of metal??). Though holding on for dear life, there was no more exhilarating feeling as you were soaring. I feel like this is where we will live this year - we are running as fast as we can, holding on with all we have, yet finding joy and delight in every success.

Looking at all of this equipment in retrospect, I do wonder how we survived. My memories are not of the dangers, however, but of the amazing time we had each and every day. We looked forward to our every second spent on the playground and continually hoped for more opportunities to get out there, play, and have fun. The same is true now - with all of the rulings, changes, uncertainties, and emotions, our entire Meadow Wood team has kept our eye on the prize - returning to school to instruct your children. Day in and day out, we wait longingly for that time when we can go do what we love.

Unlike playgrounds of the 70’s that didn't have fall surfaces or safety nets, I am thankful that our amazing Meadow Wood community provides this protection for me and for our teachers. Like children running to their favorite piece of playground equipment, our staff is desperate to return to MWE and back to teaching your children. Regardless of the model, we are poised to have the best year, in spite of circumstances that seem to be playing against us. We are ready; we are excited; we are Meadow Wood.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement - together we are Growing Great Minds at MWE!

Who's Who at MWE - 2020-2021

Meadow Wood is growing! Here is a current list of who's who!

  • Principal: Lynne Barry
  • Assistant Principal: Jaime Vendetti
  • Counselors: Lynne Luberger and Pat Waldrop
  • Community in Schools Liaison (CIS): Amy Oxener
  • Librarian: Katie McCracken
  • Diagnostician: Corley Hartfiel
  • Nurses: Diane Roberts and Sharon Tyler
  • Administrative Assistant: Shirley Labiosa
  • Attendance/Registrar: Susan Snelling
  • Receptionist: Kristin Cox
  • Pre-Kinder: Laura Weber, Zaida Buchanan (paraprofessional)
  • Kindergarten: Jessica Leonard, Erin Miller, Karmina Alexander, Amber Mlcak
  • First Grade: Sara Moffett, Becky Maddox, Dominique Holland, Kristine Mortola
  • Second Grade: Cindy Stone, Amy Pierce, Andrea Allen, Skyler Tankersley, Taylor Viaclovsky
  • Third Grade: Megan Golafshan, Angele Bressler, Lori Dismukes, Rheana McCarley
  • Fourth Grade: Tabitha Pena, Ami Rapp, Kay Taylor, Cathy Cox, Carolina Vanegas (Digital Lab), Jack Arreola-Lopez (Teaching Fellow)
  • Fifth Grade: Nicolas Garcia, Beth Keen, Rhonda deLeon, Rachel Odom, Marna Meier (Digital Lab)
  • Art: Natalie Waggenspack
  • Health Fitness: Audrey Hollmann, Brandon Montano (paraprofessional)
  • Music: Michelle Camey
  • Special Education Resource: Kate Zuelke, Erin Kolpek, Kiara Perkins, Jillian Williams (paraprofessional)
  • Speech: Tonya Milton
  • AIM: Chelsea Venegas, Dina Rice (paraprofessional), Mike Beck (paraprofessional)
  • Medically Fragile: Suzanne Bass, Nicole Gruenberger (nurse), Mary Kile (paraprofessional)
  • Dyslexia Support: Rachel Rankin
  • Interventionists/Support Specialists: Lisa Unger, Barb Yost, Karen Koster, Cathy Roth, Jacque Pollpeter. Dashawn Glover
  • Cafeteria: Maria Mata, Maria Ramirez, Maria Mendoza
  • Custodians: Angelica LImon, Julio Barrera, Anavesi Lopez

Devices for ALL students

We are excited to announce that this school year, ALL students at Meadow Wood can participate in the SBISD Device Loaner program! With this device, students will have access to anytime, anywhere learning and will be able to engage with their classes, teachers, and peers in new and exciting ways. Students in grades PreK through First will receive iPads, and students in grades Second through Fifth will receive Chromebooks.

We are encouraging all students to participate in this program and be issued an SBISD device, as it is pre-loaded with the apps frequently used by the teachers. All students will be expected to abide by the SBISD Student Acceptable Use Policy regardless of the device they use during in-person or virtual teaching and learning.

If you are opting into the Device Loaner program, I encourage you to take advantage of the Optional Technology Coverage for $25. Though this covers many issues, please understand that optional Device coverage does not cover, and you agree to assume full financial responsibility for the following:

  • Accessories (power adapter, power cord, case, etc.);
  • Costs to repair, replace, or restore the device resulting from purposeful action, gross negligence, neglect, or a violation of this agreement or district policy;
  • Lost/damaged that is not reported to the district within 48 hours (including a case number and report from local authorities, if applicable); or
  • Excessive or repeated incidents of loss/damage as determined by the district.

Full details are in the documents below. You may purchase this coverage when you pick up the device. Exact cash is preferred. To facilitate the process, please complete the Device Loaner Participation Agreement (below) and return this form to receive your device. Devices will be deployed during Meet the Teacher - please see schedule below for your specific times.

Questions? Please reach out to Katie McCracken at kathryn.mccracken@springbranchisd.com.

Meet the Teacher, Technology Deployment, and Materials Pick Up

With the Board decision that school will start virtually on August 24th, we want to be sure our students have all the tools they need for a successful beginning to 2020-2021. Our teachers also want to meet their new Eagles! We will be having grade level-specific opportunities for you and your child to come to campus to:

  • Meet the Teacher
  • Receive your technology device (see below)
  • Learn how to access ItsLearning and content curriculum
  • Receive your child’s detailed daily schedule, with zoom links and details regarding synchronous (live) and asynchronous learning times
  • PIck up teacher materials, school supplies (if ordered) and spirit wear
  • Complete any outstanding required paperwork
  • Sign up for PTA

This event will occur on August 13th and 14th. Due to current restrictions on building occupancy, the hardtop at the rear of the school will be used. Please park in the back parking lots. You may park in the Staff Parking by bus ramp or the Cafeteria Parking Lot. You will enter from the Cafeteria Parking Lot gate to the hardtop. Please follow the arrows to the hardtop. Face covering or mask are REQUIRED, and we will be following social distancing protocols. In addition, we ask that only one parent and the student attend. To help lines move faster, please have all proper documentation printed and signed, if possible.

See table below for specific dates and times for each grade level.

We ask that you please adhere to your assigned time period, as we must follow health and safety guidelines while meeting the needs of our 600 students. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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Parent U: Opening the Door To Distance Learning


Parent U: Opening the Door to Distance Learning

For PreK and Elementary Families

Open the Door to Digital Learning and gain a deeper understanding of a day in the life of a young learner online. Learn how our teachers will be with you and your child every step of the way. Learn how students develop social emotional learning skills and build relationships in a distance learning environment.

Please register for one session below by clicking on "English" or "Spanish."

You will receive a Zoom link for your session once you register.

Monday, August 3rd - 2 p.m.


English / Spanish

Monday, August 3rd - 4:30 p.m.


English / Spanish

Wednesday, August 5th - 2 p.m.


English / Spanish

Wednesday, August 5th - 4:30 p.m.


English / Spanish

Learn more - http://online.springbranchisd.com/parentu/

Hosted by SBISD Family E3 and Academics Department


LearnSBISD is our instructional plan for 2020-2021. For information about the plan, including all health and safety protocols and sample distance learning schedules, please go to: https://www.springbranchisd.com/learn-sbisd. In addition, there is a FAQ page with common questions (https://www.springbranchisd.com/learn-sbisd/faqs). Any additional questions can be asked through the new Let's Connect feature. These questions are directly routed to the department leads in charge of that topic. On any of the above links, or even on the SBISD homepage, you should see a bar on the right side. Simply click on this bar, fill in your question, and submit! Of course, Mrs. Barry is also available to answer your questions!

Tips for Teaching Children to Wear Masks

If you child hasn't been wearing a mask, here are some tips for getting him or her used to this expectation.

1. Talk with your child. It may be scary for children to start wearing a mask. Explain that masks are for protection of both themselves and others. You might make connections to doctors or other professions that use masks.

2. Let them pick it out. Allow your child to choose a mask that they like. A mask with a favorite color or item will be more likely to be worn.

3. Wear it properly. Teach your child to wash his/her hands for 20 seconds before wearing the mask. Put it on so it loops around the ears, making sure to cover the nose, chin, and mouth fully.

4. Be a mask role model. Wear YOUR mask and remind your child how it keeps everyone safe.

5. Make play masks for stuffed animals or dolls. Help your child, using materials around the house, to make masks for their toys. At MWE, they will see our Meadow Wood Eagle wearing a mask!

6. Practice wearing the mask. Start at home with short periods of time while doing fun activities. Practice daily, working up to 30 minutes.

Adapted from actionlearningnetwork.org

Remind Notices - 2020-2021

Remind notices are the main way we communicate with parents. At MWE, we ask that you sign up by your child's grade level.

*Please note: if you signed up for your child’s grade level Remind last year, the group remains the same and will travel with your child throughout their MWE career. There is no need to sign up again!

To sign up for Meadow Wood’s Remind notices for the 2020-2021 school year:

For Pre-Kinder:

o Text @mwe27 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe27


o Text @mwe26 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe26

1st grade:

o Text @mwe25 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe25

2nd grade:

o Text @mwe24 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe24

3rd grade:

o Text @mwe23 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe23

4th grade:

o Text @mwe22 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe22

5th grade:

o Text @mwe2021 to 81010

o Or go to rmd.at/mwe2021

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School Supplies and Spirit Wear Orders

If you ordered school supplies or spirit wear, you will be able to pick up your order at Meet the Teacher! Please see above for the distribution schedule.

Be on the lookout for information on fall orders and volunteer opportunities!

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Superintendent's Message

Dear SBISD Families, Staff and Community Members,

Earlier today, Governor Abbott and other state-level political leaders released a joint statement regarding the re-opening of schools. The statement notes, “The top priority is protecting the safety and health of students, teachers, staff, and families. To achieve that goal, the TEA provided local school boards the flexibility they need to open schools in ways that ensure public safety while also providing the best education options for students during this challenging school year.”

The statement also asserts, “school boards can and should work collaboratively with, but not be subject to the advance directives of, local public health authorities, to ensure a safe and effective learning environment for Texas students.”

SBISD continues to prioritize both the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and families, and our students’ academic growth and social-emotional development.

We look forward to a great first day of school on August 24, with all our students learning remotely for the first two weeks. The week of August 17 has been designated as our Week of Welcome, “WOW Week,” during which our teachers will reach out to every family and begin building relationships with your children, as our traditional Meet the Teacher events cannot occur this year in the usual way.

We also look forward to fully enacting our LearnSBISD Plan on Tuesday, September 8, with in-person learning beginning for those families choosing for their students to physically return to school.

We thank our community for your support, and we know a great year of learning is ahead.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe rest of the summer.

With appreciation,
Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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