8th GRADE Eagle Update

5/9/22 - 5/13/22

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Teachers: Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Tew, Mrs. Herren, and Coach Ragan

This week we will spend Monday doing a final review for our STAAR Math Test on Tuesday.

Homework: None

Tests/Quizzes: Math STAAR Tuesday May 10th

Mrs. Collins - collinssl@lisdeagles.net

Mrs. Tew - tewmg@lisdeagles.net

Mrs. Herren - herrenmr@lisdeagles.net

Coach Ragan - ragants@lisdeagles.net

Mrs West - westsy@lisdeagles.net

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8th Grade ELA - Mrs. Bloomer, Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Vader

* Students will conduct their Socratic Seminar on Tuesday, May 17. Discussion questions must be completed and turned in by the beginning of class in order to participate. There will be 30 points taken off the grade if the questions are incomplete.

* Tuesday is also our "Dress-up Day." Students are encouraged to dress up as either a Greaser or a Social. These two groups are represented in The Outsiders and are the focus of our discussion.

* Extension Activities - Classes have been assigned one final novel activity to finish the year out. Students will have class time to work and should use their time appropriately in order to finish.

TEST - Revise & Edit Final Exam - Wednesday/Thursday

Students should review their practices and notes in their Interactive Notebooks.

As we wind down the year, it is imperative that students get their work completed and turned in for grading. Although we are approaching the end of 8th grade, we still have things to accomplish. We want all students to finish STRONG!

8th grade ELA - Mrs. Williams Class

We will be working with the Read 180 Program to build our lexiles.

There will be a no more reading logs or alternative assignments due by Friday. Check in Canvas for details.

We are making a hard push to practice STAAR reading passages. Ask your child about his/her strategies that they use.

We will be starting Outsiders this week. This will be our last novel that we do as a whole group. We will have completed seven different novels this year as a whole group. This does not include the novels that they have read independently.


Unit 4: Comedy/Humor Genre - We will focus on vocabulary & reading comedy selections in class. Students should finish The Outsiders by Wednesday. We will have our final quiz on Wednesday.

Tests/Quizzes: STAAR Testing this week & next:

  • QUIZ - The final Outsiders quiz
  • Wednesday 5/11 - Reading STAAR Test


  • Read library books for the amount of time set on the personal goal sheet.
  • Read assigned chapters of The Outsiders
  • Review STAAR Vocabulary
  • Finish any work not completed in class.

The Outsiders Dress-Up Day: May 17th

All 8th Grade ELA classes will be participating in this dress-up day. Students are invited to dress as either a greaser or a Soc on this day, following school dress code rules.

American History

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This Week in American History:

  • Monday, May 16th: My History Hero-EOY project (Section 2, part 3)
  • Tuesday, May 17th: STAAR Folder test
  • Wednesday, May 18th: My History Hero-EOY project (Section 3)
  • Thursday, May 19th: My History Hero-EOY project (Section 3)
  • Friday, May 20th: My History Hero-EOY project (Sections 4A & 4B)

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Teachers: Mrs. Reed, Coach Hollingsworth and Mrs. Vent

This Week (May 9-13):

Biome Game Project in class

Last Week (May 2-6):

Review for STAAR

Science STAAR thursday May 5th


Root Word Test #6

Helpful Science Information - open the pdf below

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Upcoming Events

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student's teacher.