The Nifty Fifty States

Review Activity Lesson Plan for The Nifty Fifty States

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Course Name- MU 105- Fundamental Of Music

College- Butler Community College

Current Semester- Summer Semester- 2015

Professor Name- Mr. Templin


I want my student to learn where each state is located at on the map. I want them to have team work while doing the review, have fun during the review, but also learn while having fun. I want to students to know each state's abbreviations and get a 100% on the test.

Essential Question:

Did you know that there is fifty states in the United States? Do you know where they are located at on the map? Did you also know that each state has it's own abbreviation? I bet you did! Lets see if you can recall that information and show me in this review activity!

Content Questions:

* Does each student know that there is fifty states in the United States?

* Does each student know where each state is located at on the map?

* Does the student know what abbreviation goes to what state?

* Does the music being played when the students first come into the classroom get them excited to begin the review?

* Does the music in the review help them learn and makes the learning/review fun?

* Does the review help the student for the test?

* Did the students develop team work while doing the review?

Lesson Summary:

When the students get back from specials, as soon as they walk in the classroom doors they will hear the song "The Nifty Fifty States" playing quietly. Have the students sit at their assign seats and then explain to them what is going on. Tell them that you guys are getting ready to do a fun review before taking the United States test. First watch the "The Nifty Fifty United States" video. After the video, number each student off by "One's" or "Two's". Have the "one's" go to one side of the room and have the "two's" go to the other side. Have each time line up in a single file line at the pink duct tape line. Have them face the board. The students will then notice them United States map on the board along with each state having their abbreviation in it. Then explain to them the rules of the review game. Tell the students that this is a game in which you will race against a partner. We will play "The Nifty Fifty States" song. As soon as we stop the song, after stopping the music, the last state that was mentioned is the state in which the students have to go touch on the map on the board. The students racing have to run up to the board and touch the correct state before the other person. The first person who touches the correct state first gets one point. If the first person that touches the state first but gets it incorrect, then it is minus one for their team and that means the other person will get a chance at picking the correct answer. Each race that happens, the students have 8 seconds to get the correct answer. Depending on time determines how long we will do this review. If we have time, we will do the review until we touch each state once. If we don't have that much time, then we will play until the first team has 15 points. Whoever gets 15 points first, gets candy. After the review is over, have the students go to their assigned seats. Then handout the test. The test is worth fifty points and each question is worth one point. When the student is done with their test, have them hand it in and go back to their desk to AR read until everyone is done with the test.

Materials Needed

* Projector

* United States map with abbreviations

* Computer

* Youtube Video/CD

* Students

* Paper for the test

* Duct Tape

Map that will be projected up on the board and that will be on the test

Big image

Video that we will get the song from and watch before the review

The Fifty Nifty United States ( great Video)


After the review, have each student go to their desk. Hand out the test. The test is worth fifty points and each question is worth one point. The test has the untied states on it and a word bank in the bottom. Each state is numbered. Match the number of the state to the word bank at the bottom.