Athens Visual Essay

By: Maddy and Juliana


Athens was one of many Greek city-states that had some pros and cons. They are nicknamed "the school of Greece", because education was their priority. Athens is the largest city-state in Greece. Also, their main rivals are the Spartans, who relied more on their strength. Athens had a strong education and they were known very well for it. Also, they have a great government, that gives many people a say, since it is a democracy. Sadly though, they didn't respect people the same way depending on wealth and gender. Athens was the most important city-state because they had great education, a more fair government, and they had clear social-classes.

Men vs. Women, Rich vs. Poor

In Athens, there were social classes dividing people and limiting or expanding people's opportunities because of it. Women and men were treated differently, as well as the rich and poor/ slaves. In school, boys were taught differently. Also, women weren't allowed to have any other job than, do chores, and take care of children and their house. Whereas, men got a wider variety of jobs. In addition, only free men can make up the council, not women, not slaves. Lastly, only free men are considered "citizens". This is how social classes were presented often in Athens.