Child Soldiers South Africa


History Of Child Soldiers

Young boys from ages 12-18 where taken from there homes and put into rebel camps and drugged and brain washed to be come a rebel.They actually enter a battlefield.

What is being done about this issue

Nothing can be done with out violence because rebels don't follow any rules they run on there self and they are armed so there is not anything we can do with out killing all of them.

Legacy Of Imperialism

This was caused by rebels taking children from there homes and brain washing there children and making them into a little rebel and they will fight now matter how much they don't want to cause they are brain wash.

Human Rights Abuse

It is a human rights abuse cause it takes kids that are way under age and they take them

and brain wash them so they don't now any better and they will not even know how there family is after that.

Why is this a global worry?

Because if this spreads though out the world to world would be come a battle ground and there would be a lot of children going into war.There would be a lot of people killed if this went on in every day life.

Why should people be informed of this?

Because it is wrong and teenagers should not be drugged and brainwashed to kill there own families and own villages they should be able to choose if they want to be a child soldier.