By: Clayton Johnson


Pathos is the emotional appeal used to develop a purpose created by the author. Pathos normally brings about emotions such as Sadness and Pity to make the audience feel more connected to the purpose.


Our generation is most influenced using pathos through commercials on TV or on our phones. A commercial that is most known for using pathos is the pound commercials saying "These Puppies need a home. Just look at their sad faces". These commercials are extremely effective to younger audiences and more emotion people because the very purpose of the commercial is to make the audience feel sad and have pity on the animals and to go out and adopt an animal.

Checklist to create pathos

  • Create a purpose for the cause
  • Create sadness and pity in the audience
  • Sad music (aka feels music)
  • Slogan for them to remember that is sad
  • Soft Voice of soft non-vibrant text
  • Sad images
Sad ASPCA Commercial May 2012 Roberta Flack First time Ever Saw your Face
My Dad is a Liar - Emotional Commercial