Camping on Kelly's Island

Kelly's Island in Ohio

Summer Fun

This summer I went to Kelly's Island in Ohio. I went to Ohio with my mom and my sister it was about a 9 hour car ride to Ohio. We left at 6 am Friday morning and when we got to the ferry it was about 4 o'clock but in Ohio there ahead an hour then here in Wisconsin. When we got on the ferry it was about 4:45 at night. We left the 21 of August. We went to Ohio for a fun family vacation. The car ride back was about a 10 hour ride because we left at Sunday after noon, when we got back home it was about 12 am Monday the 24.

Connection to science.

The car ride was connected to science because of the pollution from the car exhaust. The 9 hour car ride polluted the air a lot from our car. We polluted the air a little less when we took the ferry to the island. So in total we polluted there air about 18 hours in total on our whole trip.

I Wonder?

  • I wonder how badly car exhaust pollutes the air?
  • I wonder how long it took to get to Ohio with all our stops?
  • I wonder how many people camp on Kelly's Island?
  • I wonder how many pounds the ferry's can hold?