Becoming a Professor of Mythology

By: Chris ken M.


I shall be talking to you about Mythology. My day to day life in this job. Also a professional in the field. I will be teaching you about the importance and how cool mythology is. When you think of a college professor you probably think of a guy in a vest boring you to death about a topic that you and everybody else doesn't care about. But when somebody's teaching you about mythology you'll be begging to learn more. So read my article to find out more about how to get this job and mythology.

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Steps to this job

First do you like mythology if you do but you only know a little find out more about it. Think about social studies is it your favorite class if it is then that's great if not it's O.K. but of liking mythology will really help. Last of all do you like people because teaching is a big part of this job. That's how you can prepare right now.


When you think of the word mythology what do you think of. Mythology is a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition. Myths there like lies just with a little fantasy twist on them. There are over 100 different types mythological beliefs in the world.
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Myths came before art was, before language or the written word. Myths sprung up before religion.The great mythic themes were known before literature. Myth is before philosophy and science. Mythology actually inspired some of the best stories ever like.Noah's Ark, Jonah and the great fish, Moby Dick, and even the movie Titanic. So next time just remember myths and mythology are almost everywhere

Day to Day Life

The day to day life of a of a college professor who teaches mythology always starts with teaching. Some days it might be the Greek lightning bolt throwing Zeus or the mischievous Norse god Loki. Or showing kids why myths are so important it is too have mythology. Then any extra time that you get you would always try to find all that you can about mythology. In the end you go home to grade tests. But it really depends what day of the week it is because some are better than others.
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Professional in the Field

A professional in the field would have to be Mrs. Migotisky. She knows so much about mythology. She went to college at New Mexico. But right now she's trying to earn her PHD. This really wasn't her first choice as a profession but in college a job counselor told her that she would be good as a teacher but she said “ I'm to shy for that type of job.” The more she went to college the more she started to like school and then she decided to become a teacher/college professor who teaches mythology. She loves her job and tries to find new theories about mythology every day. Mrs. Migotisky likes teaching more than mythology but it's because of her love for teaching kids. I think that when I grow up I would like for Mrs. Migotisky to teach me when i'm in college.


Mythology can be summed up in one word AWESOME! Remember mythology is a collection of myths and some of the are really cool like. The banchi a woman/spirit that whales a loud ear bleeding screech any time a loved one dies. If you want to be involved in this type of stuff you could be a teacher or a college professor that teaches mythology. There are many schools that give out diplomas involving Greek mythology. Mythology is not boring it is actually pretty cool so don't be afraid to try to become a college professor who teaches mythology.

Egyptian Gods and Goddeses

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Greek Gods and Goddeses

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Norse Gods and Goddeses

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