Cultural Diffusion and Convergence

Cultural Diffusion Examples

Many countries have used the free market economy. because it is what most people want also it keeps a thriving economy which is also very important. This has been borrowed even since it was started only in the past two centuries has the idea caught on.

Another example is the idea sharing of China to Japan because several centuries ago japan learned of the traditions and things about China and decided to replicate and transform some of those things into their own. For instance many fashion items and common religions are shared within as well as similar languages.

Cultural Convergence

One example of a cultural diffusion is when the culture of India is changing vastly in the city areas becoming more like the Western Hemisphere. There are doing this through jobs and the economy but it has a impact on religious and other traditions.

Another example is the spread of the English language being the primary language in several countries and becoming more and more popular as time goes on. English is the worlds most popular language why because other nations are staring to use it and learn it for business and it's becoming more and more of a part of cultures.


Pandemic- A disease that spreads throughout a country or the entire world.

Globalization- the changing of a culture to become more like another idea or culture.