MVCA Elementary Weekly Update

Week of May 9th

MSTEP 3rd and 6th Window Closes Friday!

This is the last week to complete our 3rd and 6th grade MSTEP testing. Please make sure you have made arrangements to be available for 1-off testing.

NWEA Spring Testing Begins!!!

Below you will find all the needed details, links, and how FAST will be supporting our make-up testing efforts!!!

Invalidations/Roster Adjustment Link:

As soon as test scores are available teachers need to review and immediately contact families regarding retests. Any student whose score dropped from fall to spring must retest.


May 9th – June 1st - NWEA Make-up Sessions and Retest Support

Specific FAST team members will contact any student that has not completed NWEA and schedule make-up sessions with those students.. 4th and 7th grade NWEA make-ups will not be held on May 10 & 11 due to MSTEP.

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade – Loannie Houston, Gayle Korhorn

5th & 6th Grade –Kevin Todd, Sheryl Krenzke

7th & 8th Grade- Meron Kahssai , Annmarie Bingle

If you schedule a make-up with a student that has not tested and you will be proctoring, please contact the appropriate FASLs.

You can view FASL notes on students that need to test here:

Kindles for NWEA Growth!!!

Students who make growth on NWEA will be entered for a change to win a Kindle!!!! Please message this out to your students and families!!!

Curriculum Locks for NWEA and MSTEP

I will be locking curriculum for students for 3rd and 6th grade students that have not completed NWEA and MSTEP by Thursday morning. All other locks will happen for students that have not completed NWEA by Friday afternoon.

For students that are No-Shows for MSTEP testing - Their curriculum will be locked and a mandatory meeting with me must be held before it is unlocked. This is for students that we were not able to get a hold of and did not attend testing, not opt-out students.

Retention Conferences

For students that are being retained, we'll need to hold retention conference by June 13th. I suggest starting to hold starting June 1st. This provides the most up-to-date information.

You will be provided a PPT template to include in these conferences that includes: a review of student data and an action plan entering next year.

Content Coaches and I, will be available to attend conferences for difficult parents. Remember, the school has a responsibility to put the needs of the student first. We will do what is in the best interest of the students. A sign-up document will be shared to sign-up for admin/content coach support for these conferences.

Also, Special Education students can be retained only if a case conference is held and the committee agrees with retention. Please share concerns with case managers, so these can be scheduled and the discussion held.

Important Upcoming Dates

May 10 & 11 - 4th and 7th Grade MSTEP
May 13 - Last day for 3rd & 6th MSTEP Testing
May 27 - Last Day for MI-Access, 4th & 7th Grade MSTEP
May 30 - No School - Memorial Day
June 1 - NWEA Window Closes
June 10 - DIBELS Window Closes
June 13th Last Day of School
June 13th Retention Conferences Due
June 13th ILP QTR 4 Action Notes Due (More info on this to come)
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The following staff are celebrating birthdays this month:

Alyssa Fenstermacher - April 27

If we missed your birthday, please email Shannon at