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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Welcome Back Panthers!

Meet our Panther Staff!

First Day Info

School Arrival for Car Riders

  • Please arrive between 8:15 am and 9:00 am for drop-off.
  • Drive forward to the sign at the end of the walkway before allowing your child to exit your vehicle.
  • Personnel will open doors for students at 8:15 am.

We will open the car line at 8:15 am this year so that we may avoid clustering students in the cafeteria. Please arrive between 8:15 am and 8:55 am as early arrivals block our driveway so that teachers are unable to enter. When teachers are unable to enter to park, we are unable to disperse students to classes. We appreciate your help with this!

Bus Riders

  • Students who plan to ride the bus should access transportation information to learn their bus route number. Encourage your child to say hello to their driver and learn the driver's name.
  • With new procedures in place for sanitizing buses between routes, understand that there may be delays for the first few days that could affect routes.

FCS Transportation Maps


  • Thursday will be an A day; Friday will be a B day.
  • Students will report to their 1st period class to start the day on Thursday. Our staff will be prepared to assist students who need help in finding the correct classroom.
  • We encourage students to bring a copy of their schedule, if possible.

Breakfast and Lunch

  • Students who would like to eat breakfast will be able to do so as they arrive to school. We will use a section of the cafeteria for seating with distancing in place.
  • Due to virtual enrollment, we expect to be able to accommodate lunches in our school cafeteria.
  • Students will be seated leaving two seats empty between them.
  • Microwaves will not be available for heating food.
  • Be certain your child has funds in their lunch account just in case they forget lunch at home.

Supplies for the 1st Day

  • Students will only need a writing utensil, colored pencils, and paper the first day.
  • Please BYOT if possible.


  • Lockers will be assigned by homeroom teachers next week.
  • Homeroom teachers will communicate the date which students will be able to decorate their lockers.
  • Locker visits will take place during staggered times during the day. Students will not be able to visit lockers when they arrive to school or between classes.


Entrance to the school is limited to students, staff, and essential visitors. Items will not be accepted for drop off.

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