Tell Us How You Really Feel!

How was your experience moving into the Adult CF Clinic?

What is the study about?

A lot of studies in the past have studied the benefits of transitioning from a childhood to adulthood setting for people who have Cystic Fibrosis. This study will be conducted by students and faculty through the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in the hope of gathering information on how you experienced the role of the physical therapist during the transition to adult-care, specifically with airway clearance techniques and exercise.

What will this study do?

By participating in this study, we will gather information regarding your perspective concerning exercise and airway clearance as you transitioned from the pediatric to adult setting and what has changed following the transition. This information will help us better understand the areas that need improvement from individuals who have gone through the transitioning period to help make changes for future patients.

Who Are We Looking For?

To be a part of this study we are looking for people 18 years old or older, who are currently attending an adult Cystic Fibrosis Center and have transitioned from a pediatric cystic fibrosis center within the last 3 years. So if that is you, please consider sharing your experience with us!

What would I need to do?

All we need from you is your time, and since we understand that your time is valuable our study is simple. The first thing we will need is some contact information in order to set up a time where we can call you and ask you some questions regarding your experience during the transition and how prepared you felt. The phone interview will last about 1 hour in length.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in participating in the study or have further questions regarding the study, feel free to contact us

- Lora Packel:

- Shannon Elbrecht: or

(607) -282-0943

- Christopher John: or

(347)- 236-5108