2nd Grade News

April 23-27

A Note from Ms. Marshall

Tonight is our Art's Festival. Our class painting will be the 2nd painting auctioned this evening. Dinner will begin at 5:30pm. I was told the auctions will start at 6:20. It will be a variety of different foods from restaurants around the Norman community. Dinner is $5 per person. Please stop by the outside of our classroom to see our clay art we did this year, and our I AM poems. Then head down to the gym for the auction of the canvases every class created. Every canvas is from somewhere in Norman. Our class painting is for "Jazz In June." I would have to say that this painting turned out amazing! It is one of my favorite paintings! We also did a class project that will be available in the silent auction. I also loved our lass project! The kids did an amazing job turning their fingerprints into art!! It is also one of my favorite projects!

Our field trip to the Jasmin Moran Children's Museum is this Thursday. I have several chaperones coming. Thanks to the parents that are volunteering to go and chaperone a small group. I am also still waiting on a few more permission slips and money. If you haven't turned in your child's permission form, please do so tomorrow! I also wanted too remind you to send a sack lunch with your child unless you ordered one from the cafeteria. Please send your child's lunch is a bag that they can throw away.

The principal's reading challenge was extended. The new end date is this Friday. The school's goal is to read 3,000 books by then. If your child is still working on their reading list, please have them turn it in by Friday, even if they didn't complete it. Every book counts that is turned in on the lists.

This Friday is the school-wide pajama day. This is to celebrate the end of testing for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

New School Hours

7:30- First bell rings (I will pick up kids from the gym at this time.)

7:40- School begins

3:10- School ends

**New last day of school is May 31st!!**

Jasmin Moran Field Trip

Thursday, April 26th, 9am

1714 Oklahoma 9

Seminole, OK

This Week in Class


We will finish working on Unit 7 in math this week. We will have our Unit 7 assessment this week. The concepts we will cover this week are:

  • Attributes of 3-D shapes
  • Attributes of 2-D shapes
  • graphing data on line plot graph

At home, please practice counting change, and getting change back with your child. This is an everyday skill that we are working on in class, and working on it at home, and in the "real world" could be very beneficial. Also, working on telling time with an analog clock, and asking questions like "What time will it be in two hours?" helps reinforce skills taught in class. As always, practice with addition and subtraction fact fluency. A good way to do this is through Xtra Math.


This weeks literacy concepts are:

  • Sound of the week: a, aw, au, augh, al, ough
  • Story Genre: Expository Text
  • Comprehension Skill: Plot: problem and solution
  • Comprehension Strategy: make predictions
  • Grammar: contractions with pronouns
  • Mechanics: contractions/possessive pronouns
  • Writing: poetry

Please continue to do Smarty Ants at home with your child. The skills your child learns in this program go right with what we learn in class. It really is a great tool, and on top of it, it is fun and engaging.

Social Studies/Science:

We began working on a new unit in both social studies and science, which go hand in hand. We have been working on map skills. (how to read a map, compass rose, directions, map key, etc.) We will also begin learning about Earth events and changes to the Earth. We will learn about events and changes that happen quickly (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) and events and changes that happen slowly (erosion). We will also learn about different landforms on Earth.

Spelling Words for the Week

1. ball

2. small

3. paw

4. jaw

5. pause

6. sauce

7. taught

8. chalk

9. walk

10. sought

11. new

12. fruit

13. city

14. own

15. read


1. services

2. career

3. consumer

4. April

5. production

High Frequency Words for the Week

1. city

2. father

3. mother

4. o'clock

5. own

6. questions

7. read

8. searching

9. sure

10. though

Specials for the Week






Classroom Needs and Wish List

Thank you for all the snacks you kept us stocked up on during the first half of the year. They are greatly appreciated! If you haven't sent in snack for April, please do so when you get a chance.

Thank you all so much for being willing to donate materials to our classroom. We could not do all that we do without your support and generosity!! We sure appreciate it!

Dates to Remember

April 24- Arts Festival

April 26- Field Trip to Jasmine Moran

April 27- School Wide Pajama Day

May 3- Author Visit, David Titus

May 3- Spring Pictures

May 4- Hat Day

May 4- Super Kids Day

Ms. Marshall's Contact information

Phone: 405-366-5927

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