Care Lead News

3 Things You Need to Know About the 5-1am and 12-8am Shifts!

Did You Know...

...that our very own Alexis Kunsak went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology? Her knowledge of fit, construction and composition has allowed her to offer some truly amazing advice to customers. Alexis spent time living in Denmark and Germany before settling back in Pittsburgh and joining our team (she is fluent in German and Danish!). Her Team Nickname nickname is Rodeo'll have to ask Josh why!


Jen Schuchman was recently brought on as the 12-8 ModStylist! She has been providing support to the ModStylist team by taking chats for them over the last few months but her official transition is very exciting for the Overnight team and the Care ModStylists. Jen has a great eye for fashion (ask her about her shoe collection) and is always patient, friendly and empathetic with our unique overnight clientele!


The 5-1 and 12-8 shifts are ever-growing and evolving. We recently welcomed 4 new members to Team Nickname: Jess L, Maggie D, Kelsey S and Alicia O! Alicia joins us from Returns but the other three lovely ladies are new to ModCloth! Our newest Team Bubbles member, Greg C, started training this week and will be shadowing on 5-1 starting next week. Be sure to stop by and say hi to him!


As I mentioned in our last meeting, I have been tracking postcards sent from my team. Since April, my team has sent 356 postcards and since the beginning of the July, they have sent 36; Kelsey alone has sent out 20! My team has shown me that postcards are so much more than kind words - many of my team members draw on their cards. Jen Sw always draws Winston, Alexis doodles strawberries, grapes, hearts and balloons while Alicia includes an adorable cat and recently received positive feedback about her image!