Welcome to Beecher Prep

A Welcoming Guide for August Pullman

Middle School

Going into to middle school is really tough, especially if this is your first year going to school, like you. Friends will get you through middle school, so try to make some. Also try to stay out of trouble because some teachers will be strict in middle school because they know the kids are mature enough to handle it. Good luck and have fun!

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Things to Know

Tips for Surviving in School

Here are some tips on how to survive in school. First, get all of your work done. Kids can be bad enough, and if you don't get your work done, teachers won't like you which will make the school year harder and worse. Also, make some friends and talk to people. Friends make the school year fun and easier. If you don't talk to people all year, you will get made fun of repeatedly. Lastly, don't start trouble. School is hard enough and you don't want to be on your teacher and principal's bad side all year. I hope these tips will help you get through middle school.

Things to Talk About

Here are some things that people are going to talk about in school. One topic, which is usually the most popular one, is who someone likes. It gets very annoying and dramatic, so try not to be friends with people who talk about that. Another thing is who is friends with who. When someone makes a new friend, the word usually travels around fast. Another thing that people talk about in Beecher Prep is what lunch table people sit at. This is similar to the friends topic in which the word spreads fast. The last topic that people in your school are going to be talking about is how someone did on a test. This usually happens in every school, but in Beecher Prep, not a ton of people talk about it unless someone did really bad. Don't be shocked when you end up in one of these conversations at any time.
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People to Avoid

Here are some people that you should try to stay away from during the school year. One person is Julian. He is the leader of the popular group for the boys. He is very mean, and don't get fooled by him because he acts nice around teachers but acts mean around kids. Another person to avoid is Savannah. She is the leader of the popular group for the girls. She is very similar to Julian. Also, try to stay away from Ximena Chin. She is very stuck up and full of herself. Try to stay away from Henry and Miles. They have potential to be nice, but Julian has gotten to them and they are starting to act like Julian. Try to stay away from these people, but if they want to be friends with you, don't be afraid to hang out with them.
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What To Do in A Bad Situation

Here are some tips of what you could do in a bad situation. The situation does not have to be face to face, because a lot of people talk behind other people's backs in school. You can stand up for yourself, but this isn't the greatest idea because kids can be very mean and hurtful in middle school. Another thing that you can do is fake an illness. This is good if you hear someone talking behind your back, because you can leave if you tell the nurse that you feel sick so you can leave. You can also tell a teacher or just walk away. If you walk away and they still continue to bother you, you should tell a teacher because that is probably the best option. Try to avoid bad situations at all costs because if you do, the school year will be much easier.
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People to be Friends With

Here are some people to be friends with throughout the school year. One person is Summer. She is very nice and sees people differently. She doesn't care how someone looks on the outside, she cares about a person's personality and how nice they are. Some more people to be friends with are Jack, Reid, and Charlotte. They are nice and they are understanding. If you become friends with them, the school year will be much easier. Make friends this year so school can be so much fun.
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How to Fit In

Here are some tips on how to fit in to middle school. One way to fit in is not act a different age. If you act like you are older or younger, kids will think you are weird. Some more ways to fit in are to talk to people and do an after-school club or program. Talking to people and getting involved with school clubs will make you more friends. Also, be nice to people and don't talk behind their back because if you talk bad about someone, you will start to lose friends. Keep this in mind throughout the school year so school can be fun.
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School Events

Here are some events and projects that take place throughout the school. One event is the Halloween Party. You get to wear your costume to school and walk in the parade. Another event is graduation. Every kid in your grade will get their name announced for all of the hard work put into the school year. Also, awards will go out to certain kids during graduation for whatever they did that school year to achieve that award. Some projects that you will be doing this year is a science project for the science fair and you will also do an ancient Egypt project. Your parents will come in for both of these projects. You must put a lot of hard work into these projects because these projects can be hard. These events make school exciting and you will enjoy it way more if you actively participate in these events.
This is mostly everything that you are going to need to know about school. I hope this helps you throughout the school year and I hope you enjoy school. Have fun!
Wonder by R. J. Palacio