An Exciting Third Book to the DIVERGENT Series

Plot Summary

In this book the world that everyone has known and grown up in is falling apart. The faction system that these people have lived by, for as long as they first "settled" there, has been discovered to have a lesser meaning than they have thought. There whole world and existence is in the spotlight of questioning and people want answers. They all must take sides and choose who they think is right or if they even want to be there. These people must decide do they want the answers that could be waiting for them just outside the city? Who is the person sending them the message requesting them to leave everything they know? The mysteries are endless.

Character Analysis

The main character is Tris, a teenage girl living in a divided world. An uprising has occurred and she is one of the main "ringmasters". As strong as she is, all this pressure has taken great effects on her social life including her relationship with Tobias, her favorite guy friend. Under all this pressure she is not sure if her values of the chosen faction Dauntless or the birth faction of Abnegation will last. This scares her, often causing her to falter in her decision making. The true question is will she even survive?

This book is very interesting in the way that you never know what is coming next. You are always wanting to know more and more and always trying to figure out what will happen. The events change happen so quickly and in all the right places really shocking you. This is the type of book that will keep you up all night.