3 Religions Mini Project

Followers of Judaism

Judaism followers are called Jews they are a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins through the ancient Hebrew people of Israel to Abraham

Central Teaching and Beliefs

Jews believe there is only one God. God is beyond their ability to comprehend. That God is present in their everyday life.


Hanukkah is 8 days of Lights. It usually starts in November or December. Candles are lite in a Menorah.
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Places to Worship

Jews call there place of worship a Synagogue. The Synagogue is a place to worship, study and a house of prayer. It is also used a a place to gather as a community.
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Worship Leaders

A Jewish leader is called a Rabbi. They are men and women that are able to respond to Jewish law.
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Holy Book

Torah is the five books of Moses. Genesis,Exodus,Leviticus, Numbers,and Deuteronomy are the main source of Jewish law.
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Holy Days and Holidays

The Sabbath is a big deal to Jews. It begins at sun down on Friday evening and following is a service welcoming the Sabbath. They have meal as a family. They lite candles before sunset.

Holy Cities and Places

Israel is a very sacred place to Jewish people. If they don't live there they try and visit sometime in there life time. Jerusalem is important too because it is where the original temple is located.
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Three Religious Common Figures

All 3 religions believe and accept similarity biblical people such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Between all 3 religions as well the worship of God is a essential part of their beliefs and that there is only One God.