The 12 Genres

By: Shreya Beldona


Memoir falls under the non-fiction genre. It is a collection of events or memories that the author writes about. Just like most autobiographies, a memoir will always be written in first person.


Adventure is a genre that falls under fiction. It is exciting and includes danger, this makes up the main storyline.

Realistic Fiction

The realistic fiction genre consists of a fictional story that could happen in real life. It can be based on a real story in which characters, settings and plot might resemble real life.


Humor is when a writer tries to make the reader laugh and there is sometimes exaggeration.


Mystery is about crime and solving puzzles. It usually has suspense and has a logical explanation for the crime or problem.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre consisting of fiction stories that have things that are part of the future. The setting might be in a place in the future and there might be technology from the future such as time travel or teleportation.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a genre that is written to relate to a specific time period or a famous historical event from the past.


Fantasy is a fictional genre that will usually involve magic or supernatural phenomena. They usually take place in imaginary worlds in which magical creatures may or may not exist.


Biography is a genre and it describes and tells about a person in details such as life period. The book is not written by the original person on whom the biography is about.


The genre romance is about the relationship between two people. These types of books have an emotional ending.


The genre thriller has suspense, terror, and excitement. It is fast paced and is meant to scare you.


An autobiography tells about a person's life events in a book. Unlike a

biography, an autobiography is written by the person to which the events happened to.