New Invention Shocks The World.

By: MilkMan

The Steam Engine Comes Rolling In.

The Steam Engine, a mechanism that uses steam to different things. The Steam engine was developed over a period of 100 years, by three guys, the first Thomas Savery Invented it to pump water out of coal mines. The Price of one of these steam engines had a very large range, Somewhere from $300, to $5000, Witch would be $30,000, to $140,000. Wood, Coal, Water, Copper, and a human are all the components needed in a steam engine.
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Bio of Thomas Savery

Thomas Savery was born inn Shilstone, England 1650. He died 1715, in London England. He was a Military Engineer, and in 1690 became interested in pumping water out of coal mines. It was 8 years later that he finally made a working version of his idea.

The Steam Engine's History

The Steam Engine was invented by Thomas Savery, who did not create the first commercially available, but still gets credit for creating the first steam engine. Thomas Watt, was the man who created the first commercially available steam engine.

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