The Milky Rain Mystery

By: Bryanne


1. On February 6, 2015, milky rain was collected in a glass in Spokane, Washington.

2. At the time, various theories regarding the origin of the contaminants ranged from a distant volcanic eruption to ashfall from wildfires in 2014.

3. Washington State University scientists solved this puzzle in early June, concluding the sediment, light in sodium content, likely came from Summer Lake, a shallow, mainly dry lake bed in south-central Oregon northeast of Klamath Falls.

4. The WSU scientists said a dust storm the night before likely lofted dust from the lake, which later fell out in raindrops.

5. This rain covered more than 15 cities from Hermiston, Ore, to Rathdrum, Idaho on Friday.

6. The light gray dirt in the rainfall coated vehicles and windows across the region as a rainstorm that originated in Pacific moved in.

7.The country cautioned the source of the dirty rain has not been scientifically confirmed and that there are a number of volcanoes currently active.