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Notes specific to the Jaguar Guard: 07.16.22

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Last JAG JAM of the Summer






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Joins us for the last Jag Jam of the Summer!

Come have fun! We will spin, practice stand tune moves, and have dinner together! The theme of this Jag Jam dinner is BBQ! We have some Jaguar Band Dads who will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. We just need you to bring sides! Sign up here:

New students will also be able to pick up their official band water jugs just in time for summer band!

Color Guard Camp: Attendance is Mandatory!

Color Guard Camp

Thursday - Friday, 7/21-7/22

10am - 5pm

JHS Foyer & Cafeteria

*Students must bring their own lunch! Meal plans do not start until 7/27!

This camp is for ALL 2022-2023 color guard members, new and returning. Attendance is mandatory. Questions or concerns? Contact Mr. Duffy at

Captains Corner

Check out the color guard google classroom where the guard members can go to find information more quickly and effectively. (CODE:qvbgpwg)

Items we highly recommend you bring to summer band:

  1. water jug (gray jug is required; new members will be issued one as part of their fee)
  2. sunscreen
  3. lunch (if you are NOT on the meal plan)
  4. snacks
  5. hat
  6. sunglasses

Please also know that guard members are required to wear specific practice shirts each practice day. This allows directors to best see where the guard is located once on the field. These shirts are included in the guard fees and will be provided to all new members. Practice shirts include the gray star shirt and the black Jaguar shirt. Any new shirts will be provided to all team members. Before camp begins, we will provide members with color shirt assignments for each practice day of the week.

PRACTICE SHIRTS for Guard camp on 7/21-7/22 are as follows:

Thursday: white "property of Jaguar Band" shirt (worn at Breakdown Camp)

Friday: gray star shirt

Thank you for taking time to be with us in the Captain's Corner ;).

Gabby and Christina


FEES: Don't forget to pay your fees! The directors use these fees to not only cover costs such as show design, techs to assist with teaching (like Derek), and various equipment, but to cover the costs of items for color guard such as: jazz shoes, guard gloves, unitards, , summer uniforms parts, including sneakers, practice shirts, and gray team jackets. The guard fees do not cover the complete costs of these items. The generosity of our district allows our band directors to keep costs low for families. However, it's the fees that allow our directors to purchase all of these items early enough for them to arrive before games and performances. To pay your fee, go to, in the header, click on "more" and then "pay band fees" or click HERE.

FORMS: Mrs. Tracye Mendez sent out an email on July 13th that contained links for all of the required forms. You must have these items completed and submitted in order to participate in summer camp!

Stretch and Strength Building

Color Guard is a SPORT! So please make sure to continue your conditioning!

Exercise videos are on our YouTube page!


Sync your calendar!

Go to:

Sync to this Google Calendar by clicking on the + symbol next to "Google Calendar" on the bottom right corner of this calendar.


This is the Band and Boosters main means of communication. Please make sure to update your information by logging in at: the school code is: JohnsonJaguarBand

After logging in, click RETURNING students. The password is your child’s Hays CISD Student ID#. It will ask you to create a new password at that point. Please feel free to use a password of your choice.

It is extremely important that you fill out as much as you can in the Adult and Student sections. Please know that the contact information is strictly contained within the Johnson Jaguar Band system and is not shared with any outside organizations. If you attempt to log into the system and are not successful using your child’s Hays CISD ID#, please email with your child’s name and ID number.

Remind 101 (Real time communications from Directors)

Directors send out real time information via Remind 101. Students and Parents are all invited to sign up. SIGN UP via the Remind 101 app or TEXT your class code to 81010.

During the fall marching season, announcements are sent out via the Band Remind 101. The Class code is @jagbandpts.

Mr. Duffy sometimes sends messages specifically to the guard via the JAGuard Remind 101. The Class code for the guard Remind 101 is @thejagway.

GroupMe (Real time communications between parents)

Have questions about game day? meal plans? schedules? This is the place to ask!

Each "section" will have a Parent Section Lead that will create a GroupMe. Here is where you can families can ask all of these questions! It is also a great forum to organize section get-togethers or practices!

We also invite extended family members (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents - ESPECIALLY those who volunteer!) to sign up.

It is very difficult for our volunteers and directors to keep up with Facebook exchanges. Therefore, we ask that questions be directed to the GroupMe. Thanks in advance!

Requirement before Volunteering in HaysCISD

Planning on Volunteering? Make sure you signup (or renew!) via the HaysCISD VIP system. You can find that at:

We still have the "prospective color guard" website page. You can find that on the website under "I am a..."