It's The Little Things In Life!

Mariya Mitchum


I'd like to dedicate "It's The Little Things In Life!"to my Momma. She has taught me a lot about life! She's wasn't only my Mom but my best friend, we did almost everything together. One of our favorite things to do was listen to music in the car, sing along, and of course DANCE!!! I just want her to know how much I love and appreciate her!!!

"Wings" by: Little Mix (3:40)

This is the song that my Momma and I chose as our song!
Little Mix - Wings

"Carolina" by: eric church (4:43)

I chose this song because, although I want to explore the world, I will always return, because this is my home.
Eric Church-Carolina

"summer" by: Olaf (2:00)

This is one of my favorite songs to sing at the top of my lungs, just because it makes me happy!
Frozen "In Summer" song -- Official | HD

"run" by: p!nk (4:14)

This song describes the relationship between me and my Momma perfectly, it didn't matter if we were arguing, I knew she'd always be there for me.
Run - (Pink) Lyrics!

"Livin' part of life" by: Eric Church (4:15)

This song describes practically everyday of my life! When it talks about getting away and relaxing it describes what I do at Wilson's Creek!
Livin' Part of Life-Eric Church(With Lyrics)

"Hell on Heels" by: pistol annies (3:10)

I absolutely love to sing this song, just because how sassy it is!
Pistol Annies - Hell On Heels

"Pray For You" by: jaron and the long road to love

This song is the song that goes through my head when I see people I'm not too fond of.
Pray For You-Jaron & The Long Road To Love w/ lyrics

"the climb" by: miley cyrus (3:49)

Life is a journey with ups and downs, I'm just trying to make the best of what I've got!
Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Official Music Video (HQ)

"Dancing in the sky" By: Dani&Lizi (2:54)

I chose this song because my Momma loved to dance and I know she is dancing in the sky.
Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the sky

"love is an open door" by: Anna & Hans (2:24)

I love to sing this song, because it makes me happy!
Love is an Open Door - Frozen HD 1080p

"hurt" by: Christina aguilera (4:32)

This song is a song for my Momma, I want her to know how thankful I am for her. This song just describes everything I want to say to her.
Christina Aguilera - Hurt

"scream & shout" by: Ft. Britany spears (4:45)

In the car Momma and I always sang and danced to this song. We changed the lyrics from "you are now rockin' with and Brittany" to "you are now rockin' with Mariya and Ella!"
Scream and Shout (Clean) - ft. Britney Spears (Lyrics)

"the house that built me" By: miranda lambert (4:12)

I want to one day be able to go in Momma's house and see all the memories.
Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

"shut up and dance with me" By: Walk the moon (3:19)

I love to dance, i feel like this is something I'd say to someone!
WALK THE MOON - Shut up and Dance

"stupid girls" by: p!nk (3:33)

Our society wants women to fit a perfect image, and I'm not going to change myself to make someone else happy.
P!nk - Stupid Girls

"those i've loved" By: eric church (5:00)

This song is for all the family and friends I've loved and lost along the way.
Eric Church - Those I've Loved with Lyrics

"Like i'm gonna lose you" by: meghan trainor ft. john legend

I chose this song because it makes you remember to love and cherish everyone because we never know when we will run out of time.
Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend (Lyrics)