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Wednesday Night Activity: There will be NO WEDNESDAY activity this week, July 3rd ... enjoy the evening with your family!

Youth Conference: Youth conference for 14+ wIll be July 18-20 at Northwest Missouri State University. Sister Lopez handed out a packet of information to girls on Sunday. If you did not get your packet of materials please let her know!

July Calendar Dates

MiaMaids conduct this month

July 3rd: No activity

July 10: Combined activity; 7:00pm @ the church "Fingerprinting Genealogy Trees"

July 17: Combined YM & YW activity; Pool Party

July 18-20: Youth Conference

July 21: 12:15 BYC

July 24: Class activities

July 31: Personal Progress activity

Come Follow Me & Personal Progress

July: Ordinances and Covenants

“In the ordinances ... the power of godliness is manifest” (D&C 84:20).

This month, your Sunday lessons will focus on ordinances and covenants (see Each week as you partake of the sacrament, you renew your baptismal covenants and promise to “always remember Him” (see D&C 20:77, 79). But how can you always remember Christ when you have so many other things to think about throughout the week, such as your homework or activities with family or friends? Is He supposed to be in your thoughts every moment?

Well, the answer has a lot less to do with whether you can concentrate on your algebra equations and your baptismal covenants at the same time and a lot more to do with how you live. Are the choices you’re making ones that Christ would make? Are you following His example in your everyday life? As you strive to live as a follower of Christ, that’s one way you can honor your covenant to “always remember Him.”

So, what can you do to live more fully as a follower of Christ, to always remember Him in your actions? You’ll find lots of inspired ideas as you prayerfully study these talks from the most recent general conference:

As you read or watch these talks, study what they teach about the ordinances and covenants you’re discussing in your Sunday lessons. Are there stories you can share in your classes or quorums or with your family? Are there things you can do to help others make and keep sacred covenants? What can you do to better keep your covenants? As you seek Christ, the Spirit will guide you in your study and help you know how you can fulfill your covenants and always remember the Savior.


No July Birthdays!

Church News & Events

New Mormon Messages for Youth:

"Need Answers? Go to the Source"

As a teenager, Joseph Smith grew up among “unusual excitement on the subject of religion“ (see Joseph Smith—History 1:5), including a battle of ideas and beliefs that continues around us today.

While some disagreements really don't matter, being able to know what is true has eternal consequences. In this video, a young woman learns from reading Joseph Smith's experience that when we face similar challenges, the best way to find truth is to go to the origin, our Heavenly Father.

New Era Message

Conviction with Compassion


Some time ago I was invited to speak in a stake single-adult devotional. As I entered the rear door of the stake center, a 30-something young woman entered the building at about the same time. Even in the crush of people moving toward the chapel, it was hard not to notice her. As I recall, she had a couple of tattoos, a variety of ear and nose rings, spiky hair reflecting all the colors now available in snow cones, a skirt that was too high, and a blouse that was too low.

Was this woman a struggling soul, not of our faith, who had been led—or even better, had been brought by someone—under the guidance of the Lord to this devotional in an effort to help her find the peace and the direction of the gospel that she needed in her life? Or was she a member who had strayed a bit from some of the hopes and standards that the Church encourages for its members but who, thank heaven, was still affiliating and had chosen to attend this Church activity that night?

However one would respond to that young woman, the rule forever is that in all our associations and actions, we must reflect the full breadth of our religious beliefs and our gospel commitments. Therefore, how we respond in any situation has to make things better, not worse. We can’t act or react in such a way that we are guilty of a greater offense than, in this case, she is. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have opinions, that we don’t have standards, that we somehow completely disregard divinely mandated “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” in life. But it does mean we have to live those standards and defend those “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” in a righteous way to the best of our ability, the way the Savior lived and defended them. And He always did what should have been done to make the situation better—from teaching the truth, to forgiving sinners, to cleansing the temple. It is no small gift to know how to do such things in the right way!

So, regarding our new acquaintance of unusual dress and grooming, we start, above all, by remembering she is a daughter of God and of eternal worth. We start by remembering that she is someone’s daughter here on earth as well and could, under other circumstances, be my daughter. We start by being grateful that she is at a Church activity, not avoiding one. In short, we try to be at our best in this situation in a desire to help her be at her best. We keep praying silently: What is the right thing to do here? And what is the right thing to say? What ultimately will make this situation and her better? Asking these questions and really trying to do what the Savior would do is what I think He meant when He said, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24).

My young friends, there is a wide variety of beliefs in this world, and there is moral agency for all, but no one is entitled to act as if God is mute on these subjects or as if commandments only matter if there is public agreement over them.

I know of no more important ability and no greater integrity for us to demonstrate than to walk that careful path—taking a moral stand according to what God has declared and the laws He has given but doing it compassionately, with understanding and great charity. Talk about a hard thing to do—distinguishing perfectly between the sin and the sinner! I know of few distinctions that are harder to make and even harder sometimes to explain, but we must lovingly try to do exactly that.

Read the entire article in the July 2013 issue of The New Era

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