My American Dream

by Lovely Williams

American Dream

it is a personal freedom and happiness. it gives you the freedom to do what you want.

This what every dream needs




My Dream..........

have my own animal practice somewhere in a small town. To have a pet hotel in the back, and a pet hospital in the front, and to have two pugs named Bebo, and Rocky. also to own a small house with my pugs with a view of a great sunset.

My life.....

The life of owning my own business will give me freedom to do what i love. The two pugs will give me love in my life. The house is to put the cherry on top of my happiness. The house is what gives me a little more freedom with my live on my own and have to work out things without anyone. The business is the real goal it is where i see my self it gives me happiness showing that i'm a vet and i love animals. the two dogs gives me love by taking care of them and them taking care of me.
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the field is the symbol of freedom and calmness, those are things the people need and want.
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