Robotics Engineering

Sweetwater Union High School District

Robotics Engineering [Introduction to Robotics ]

This course is based on Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy program. Robotics consists of a mix of mechanics, electronics, programming, engineering, and mathematics. This course presents an overview of robotics in practice and research with topics including mechanisms, motion, vision, and sensors.
Big picture
Changing the Classroom with Robotics (2015)

Project, Problem, Challenge & Hands-On based Education

Curriculum Outline

  • Fundamentals
  • Safety
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to the VEX Cortex Hardware
  • Programming Sensors
  • Behaviors and Functions
  • Engineering Process
  • Challenges
  • VEX Robotics Competitions

Course Complete Outline HERE

Student Benefits

  • A-G UC System Approved (G)
  • STEAM careers hands-on experience
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Certifications

Why should you consider this class?

We can’t predict what the hot new technology will be in five years, but we can confidently predict that it will include computer programming, electronic embedded systems, engineering design, and mathematics. If you believe on these things, then you need to know that robotics has the ability to teach these concepts. At the same time, robotics teaches 21st century skill sets like time management, resource allocation, teamwork, problem solving, and communications.

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