Winter Holiday Research Project

New Year's Eve

The Tradition of Dropping Items

In 1829, Robert Wauchope invented the time ball. Beginning it's descent at 12 pm, the time ball was made to help sailors know the time. People would set their clock according to the ball, which made it easier to transmit the time to them. Adolph Ochs was the owner of the New York Times and began the construction of a time ball, in 1907. His mechanic saw it in a nearby town, and said it would be great for Times Square. This celebration has taken place every year since then, except during WW2(1939-1945). Over the years, more and more towns have adapted different items to drop. The time ball in Times Square has especially technologically advanced since then.
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Variety of Items being "dropped"

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The different sources gave almost the exact same information. Some of them listed lots of different traditions with brief explanations, while others went in detail to one specific item.