Plants Vs Animals

Whats the Difference?

Plants Vs Animals (Cell Type)

The plant cell has to make its food using photosynthesis to get its food while animals get their food in many ways except photosynthesis.Also, unlike animals, plants have to support their own body. Animals have a skeleton that supports their body.

Similarities and Differences


- Both eukaryote - Plant is larger/rectangular

- Both have a nucleus - Animal is a spherical shape

- Have semi preamble membrane - Plants have chloroplast, animals don't

The comparison in these two cell diagrams will show other cell part differences between the two.

Mode of Nutrition

Plants are autotrophic. This means they produce their own food using a chemical proccess. Plants use photosynthesis to make its food.

Animals are heterotrophic. This type of nutrition consist of eating possibly other heterotrophs and other things, such as parasites.