The Phillips' News

May 2016


To My Wonderful Students & Their Parents,

Well, this is our final newsletter for 2016! The end of a school year always fills me with mixed emotions. I am filled with a sense of pride when I reflect on all of your children's accomplishments but I am saddened at the thought of letting them go! I know they are ready but it always amazes me how quickly the school year flies by! It seems like it was just yesterday when your children were walking into our classroom for the very first time. Jitters, nervous smiles, and uncertainty are how most of us felt that first morning. These feelings have been replaced with laughter, confidence, and true maturity. How is possible that our time together is almost over? Memories flood in from all of our amazing times together! I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have been your son or daughter’s teacher. Experiencing their personal growth each day and seeing the changes that occur from August until May are two of the reasons that I absolutely love teaching. The personal relationships with your children are the icing on top! Please know that I will always consider myself your child’s teacher! I will always care about them, wonder how they are doing, and I certainly hope that they will come and visit me from time to time. The same goes for you! We’ve had an incredible year! Thank you for sharing your children with me...I truly feel that “I am the most fortunate of all who labor because I am a teacher!”


Each student created their own "Top Ten List" for this year. Here are some highlights that were mentioned on almost every form!

10. Leadership Teams

9. Our Upcoming Graduation Ceremony

8. Meso-America Day

7. The Upcoming Kick-Ball Game

6. Our Bowling Field Trip

5. Our Teacher

4. New Friends

3. Valentine's Party When We Made Tie Blankets

2. Half Prom

1. Outdoor Ed


May 13 - Spirit Day

May 16 - Restaurant Night at BTO

May 18 & 19 - ALP - Final Novel Projects Due

May 19 - Half Prom (6:00 PM)

May 19 - Chapter 12 Math Test

May 20 - Field Day - Wear Yellow HE T-Shirt

May 23 - Kick Ball Game (6th Grade vs. the Staff)

May 23 - End of Year Party, Yearbook Signing and Clap out (1:45 - 3:15pm)

May 23 - Last Day of School for 6th Graders

May 23 - Graduation Ceremony at MRMS (7:00 PM)

May 24 - No School for 6th Graders (Last Day for PK-5)

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Dear Students,

I hope that your dreams take you...

to the corners of your smiles,

to the highest of your hopes,

to the windows of your opportunities,

and to the most special places

your heart has ever known!

With the warmest regards, the biggest of hugs, and the proudest heart a teacher has EVER had...


Ms. Phillips