Thirteen Reasons Why (Real-Fiction)

Page count: 320 - Book by: Jay Asher - By Vanessa Robbins


  • The protagonist is Hannah Baker. Hannah was a depressed girl who committed suicide before the book took place. She left behind voice recordings of who and what they did to drive her to commit suicide.
  • The antagonist would be the 13 people who on the tapes. They caused her to think that her life was so bad suicide was the only way out. Their actions caused her to become depressed and manipulated.
  • There were minor characters who just were mentioned during the tapes or were ran into in the story. Some stopped things from happening to, such as the boy in the run down store.


  • Present day time
  • Small town
  • Highschool
  • Gas Station
  • Rosie's diner
  • Blue Spot Liquor
  • Eisenhower Park
  • Monet's Cafe

Conflicts -

  • Hannah v.s rummors & bullying - Hannah is bullied by a lot of her fellow class mates at school. They bully her for anything and everything that could be seen as imperfect or an easy target. They pick on her for who she likes and starts rumors on it. They mess with her because of her appearance. Her classmates even bully her for how she does in school. She is just judged very quickly and harshly by the people around her.
  • Hannah v.s self conscience - Hannah needs up giving into these rumors and starts to believe them. She stars to think things like maybe I am that or yea I guess that is true. She lets it get to her. She doesn't try to change it it just eats at her in the back of her head. These rumors seem to pop up a lot and come back at her. you can tell she judges herself the harshest out of everyone and that others judging her to brainwashed her to believe it completely.


Choices- Choices is a theme because Hannah was faced with difficult problems and how she handle led them was her choice. Hannah ended up taking everything very quickly in a negative way and not trying to fight away from it causing her to got into depression and become suicidal. She could have ignored the rumors but instead let them eat at her, until she broke. She could have also confronted people and the problems but she didn't. There were things Hannah could have done that could have maybe helped her to cope with her depression. She ended up handling the final problem with death though. There were better ways Hannah could have handled things, than she did.


I liked this book. I found it to be easy to understand. I think this was one of the few books I enjoyed reading in a while. Yeah, there was the fact that some things in this book do occur that was kinda hard to believe. I mean it is a relatable topic for some people, either the depression, bullying, or just hardships in general. I would recommend this for a realistic fiction that connects with today's society. I liked the book though and thought it was enjoyable to read.