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The History of the Red RIver Cart

  • It was developed in the 1800's by the Metis Native American tribe.
  • The red river cart was a two-wheeled cart that came in many different sizes.
  • An ox or a horse pulled it from the front.
  • Two wooden planks protruded from each side pointed straight forward. The ox was attached to these two planks by use of straps, usually leather, or some kind of rope.

Pros and Cons of the Red River CArt

  • Made entirely from wood, so it was easily to find the parts to build or fix it.
  • It was fairly easy to construct.
  • You only need three tools, an ax, a screw-auger,and a knife to make it or fix it.
  • It can carry close to 1,000 lbs.
  • The wheels could be removed so the cart can float across a river.

  • It was easily broken. The cart could break 6 axles in one trip.
  • it had no cover from rain or other weather.
  • They were slow.
  • The roads were just dirt, so it was hard on the animal, traveler/rider and cart.

Who invented the Red River Cart?

  • It was invented by the Metis people sometime around 1800.
  • They used it to carry bison meat and hides back to the village.

How did it AfFECT NortH DakOta?

  1. It provided a means of transporting larger amounts of goods.
  2. It was one of the first ways to transport objects across rivers.
  3. It really helped the Native Americans carry game, including bison.

Of what imPortAnCE wAS it in settling the west?

  1. Native Americans used it to carry more goods.
  2. It helped settlers carry more things with them.
  3. It was an easier way to get items across rivers.
  4. 1 ox could carry 1,000 lbs of supplies and travel 20 miles in one day.
  5. It was easy to make, even on the go, because it was made with only wood.
  6. Great for bringing along to carry extra people, food or building supplies.

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