The Promise of Monday

February 13, 2023


This promise fulfilled means every human in Mesquite ISD honors their place in the world with confidence, curiosity and a commitment to build connections.

Traits of Belonging include: trustworthy, versatile, caring and curious

A Story About Belonging...

A Kids Book About Belonging by Kevin Carroll

Guiding Questions to Check for Belonging

Does this create a more inclusive experience or environment?

  • Am I considering others?

  • Am I being open and honest?

  • Are there other ways I could help someone else feel more connected?

Building Belonging:

Building a Belonging Classroom

10 Powerful Community Building Ideas

Why Students Need to Feel a Sense of Belonging and How to Create It: A Comprehensive Guide from Panorama Education

Note: these external resources have been reviewed by a committee of MISD educators, however the ideas expressed by these organizations, or individuals, do not necessarily represent the practices of Mesquite ISD.

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Mesquite ISD Leadership and Empowerment

The Mesquite Promise outlines four principles and 16 habits for adults and young people to embody themselves and encourage in others. The promise is not one more "new program" or expensive curriculum. The Promise exists in each of us through teachable moments and everyday interactions.