Napoleon the Revolution Defender

BY Logan Frederick

Why is he important to the revolution.

He instated the Napoleonic code which gave the people a lot of rights that were fought for during the revolution. During the time that he was the emperor he would bring peace to the Waring factions of France and spread the ideals that the people should have more rights than what they already have. If he did not take charge then the new republic would not have been as free as it was due to the fact that the neighboring monarchies would have invaded and re established the monarchy with some one who would not be willing to give the people as much freedom as they have with Napoleon.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Who: The young boy named Napoleon grew up in a small town of Ajaccio Corsica and would to be everything from a military genus to the emperor of France. He attended military school at an early age of nine years old, this was his an early taste of how the rest of his life was going to be. During his time in school and his time in the military he would become a tactical genius.

What: Napoleon knew that the only way that France would have any chance at surviving is if it had a ruler that was fair to the people and was able to make fast and well thought out decisions.

When: Napoleon was born in 1769 on the small island of Corsica to a father that was a well established lawyer. At the year of 1778 the 9 year old Napoleon was admitted into a military school in which he began his extraordinary carer that will help him to become an emperor in the year of 1804. Even though he was crowned in 1804 Napoleon seized control of the politics in France in 1799

Where: This man has his footprint on almost every country in Europe. His army was only stopped in Russia when they were forced to return home with only half of their soldiers due to the harsh winters. The main place you will find Napoleon's effect is in France, more specifically Paris. Paris is the capital of France and thus is where Napoleon ruled from. After the civil war in France many places including Paris were in dismay, so Napoleon rebuilt the ruined city from the ground up and made it much more aesthetically better.

Why: One of the biggest and most notable reasons that he did most of the things that he did was that he was power hungry. Some people think that it was to make up for his short stature, but the idea that he is short is completely wrong because he was actually average to shortly above average height standing of 5'6'' tall. The idea of him being short was from war propaganda in Britain.

How: It was actually fairly easy for him to take power because the people found him to be fairly charming and he had an easy time persuading people to do his bidding. Not to mention that France was going through a multitude of hardships at the time that he took charge. The young country not only had no stable government, but was going through a large civil war. To make matters worse, with the people overthrowing their king other monarchs got scared that they would be a symbol of what their people could become and that they might try to over through their kings and queens. This caused them to add to the republics troubles by trying to invade them. The country needed a ruler that was able to fulfill the tasks at hand and Napoleon was able to fill that roll to the best that they could ask for


Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

What Napoleon is trying to say here is that when you see your opponent making a mistake that you can use to your advantage you should not give them any hints that what they are doing is not a good idea. This way you can use their mistake to your advantage and possibly turn the situation into your advantage and quite even end the situation in its tracks.



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