Schools Starting Later

Why should schools start later? by Jacob A.

These are some reasons why schools should start later

  • When students get more sleep they get better grades
  • Students are always tired at school
  • Sleeping habits change

When Students Sleep More They Get Better Grades

  • A school in Rhode Island changed their time and their students got better grades
  • Better grades can get students in better colleges
  • Better grades will also give students better jobs,and a greater life
  • Students have time to eat a bigger breakfast

Students Are Always Tired At School

  • 15% of students fall asleep in school
  • When students are tired it is harder to concentrate
  • 60% of students complain about being tired at school
  • 80% of schools start as early as 8 o clock AM

Sleeping Habits Change

  • Most teens go to bed late and have to wake up early
  • Kids can function better with more rest
  • As kids get older they need more sleep time
  • Students can miss crucial sleep time when they are getting ready and going to school