Living Conditions During Deployment

Jurivia Rojas


When you join the military most of the time your branch will send you off to a different location to do a certain job or duty. This is called deployment.

Different Conditions in a Different Time

Living conditions during WW1 - 1918

During World War One, troops were sent to a global war in Europe the last two years of the war. Their fighting strategy was trench warfare and gas. It doesn't matter whether you were in battle or just scouting in a dug out, death was inevitable. They lived in tents and bunkers and anywhere they could find shelter. Since it was the United states first war in Europe they had no idea what to expect.

Living Condition during World War 2 - 1941

War during World War 2 was sorta the same as World War 1. They used trench warfare as their main tactic. America also used the navy to fight at a sea and had used airplanes for aerial combat. When soldiers weren't out in trench warfare, they were most likely on boats. Living conditions on the boats were tight pact. They lived in bunks and were always ready for battle

Living Conditions During Deployment Now

Living conditions during deployment depends mostly on where you are stationed. Because there are more freedom and privileges during deployment you now have a chose where you would like to be deployed. A lot of it depends on what branch of the military you are in and what your duty/job is.

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