The Story~Star Connection

Mrs. Story's Third Grade Class

This Week in School...


Our Heroes Across Time stories have helped us to enjoy stories from long ago that were passed down from one generation to another – Folktales and Legends. We also read a variety of stories in which an ordinary person becomes a hero. Finally, we all enjoyed the fascinating story of Edmond Hillary who climbed Mount Everest, traveled to the North Pole, and became a hero to the people of Nepal.

Ivan continues to capture our reading hearts and imaginations as we read The One and Only Ivan. Ivan, the Mighty Silveback, is trying to save the baby elephant, Ruby. And it reminds us very much of Charlotte’s plan to save Wilbur!


Ooohh…LaLa… We are learning how to write our letters in cursive. The children learned every lowercase letter, from a- z. We will start to learn the uppercase letters, next week. The 4 keys to producing neat cursive are: size, shape, slant, and spacing.


Throughout unit 9, we are going to the “Big Leagues” to multiply “bigger and badder” numbers. The children will learn new methods for multiplying bigger numbers. We started by solving number stories with larger multiplication and division number models. The children worked through them together and presented their number model and solutions to the class.

Quick recall of the multiplication facts is becoming especially important as we work through multiplying larger numbers.


The caterpillars are coming!

The caterpillars are coming!

As we wait anxiously for their arrival, we have begun to study the caterpillar stage of the butterfly life cycle. The children completed a caterpillar diagram and learned about the functions of the many caterpillar parts. What a scientific treat it will be for each child to witness the “magic of metamorphosis”!

Quiz Me Questions:

1. What was your favorite part of the Third Grade Wax Museum?

2. If you could do it again, what topic would you choose for the Wax Museum?

3. Let’s talk about your enrichment project… It’s due next Thursday, May 2nd.

What kind of materials and plans and time do we need to provide so that you can be really proud of your project on presentation day?

Helpful Reminders:

The Wonders of the Wax Museum

Thank you!

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our third grade Wax Museum. I am so proud of each little wonder of the wax museum. The children were all prepared and proud to share their presentations with you. And you were a delightful and most appreciative audience! Thank you for being there! ~Mrs. Story