Education Equals Succes

Education should be equal

About Me

My name is Achini Aichy and im a student at F.L schlagel. I love to play volleyball. Im a leader on our church team. We go to different states to compete with them. I plan on going to Kansas University, when i graduate from high school. My dream job is to become a nurse, because i love taking care of people, helping them, and giving them treatment.

Essential Question

My essential question is can rich and poor kids have equal education. I choose this question because from my view rich people are the only ones that gets better education than the other poor kids. I believe that education should be spread equally among us children and teens.

Explanation of Topic

From what I know and understand rich kids have more opportunity for more success in their lives because there rich. Unlike poor kids, there are a lot of them that doesn't even go to school because there poor, there are some of them that doesn't go to school because there community around them are not rich enough to provide more for them. I want to gain more about how education can be more involved in each individual children/teen rather or not their rich or poor.