Weekly Happenings

Week of 12/7/2020

A Message from the Administrator

Greetings MCC Families,

There are just a few updates I wanted to share with you all.

We have made a few changes with our communication to families about COVID cases at MCS. You will be updated in our Weekly Happenings and you can also find real time numbers on our website at this link: Covid Case Update. This information can also be accessed by clicking the Covid-19 Update button on our homepage. In addition, families will be contacted on a case by case basis if we feel any students are at risk.

From the start of the school year until now, we have had 2 total cases, with one of those being currently active. Again, wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands have helped immensely. I want to thank you all for being diligent with the screening and taking precautions if your child is showing symptoms. It definitely helps provide a safe environment for our students, staff, and community.

An email was sent out last night regarding our new attendance policy for the days our students are working online. Your student has been added to a google classroom yesterday. It will be titled according to the grade + cohort group they are in and can be found in their google dashboard. For example; if your student is in Kindergarten cohort A, it will be titled "Kindergarten Attendance-Cohort A". *If you are not seeing this classroom, please contact the office ASAP* The first time they see it, they will be prompted to "join" the class. On the "stream" tab, there will be a posting with a link for the attendance. It will require you to enter the student first name + last initial. Their entry will be time stamped and this will need to be completed daily on their non in-person days. This process is mandatory and if we do not receive an entry for a particular day, Caitlin will notify you to confirm if your child participated that day or not. We appreciate if this could be done in the morning. I apologize for adding an extra step to your day, but this will really help in making sure attendance is as accurate as possible.

On a final note, our suggested donations are still below where we usually are for this time of year. It is difficult for us to ask for any donation during these times, but it is something that we do depend on to help support our programs. Our suggested donation is $225 per child, but ultimately any amount helps. You will receive a tax letter that allows for half the donation back with your refund, up to $2000. Your consideration and generosity is greatly appreciated.

I hope you have a great rest of your week!


Tony Bonuccelli

Administrator, Moscow Charter School

Kindergarten became crayon engineers while learning about the process of making crayons in a factory and then making their own with old crayons that they recycled.

MCS Food Drive

Friday, December 11th, is the final day for our food drive!

The prize for this will be Bragging Rights and a special certificate for your student's classroom!

Classroom boxes will be in the Middle School Hallway, at the south entrance. ASB will keep posted, running tally of your classroom amounts, so when your kids see the box has been emptied, fear not!

Canned/boxed and shelf-stable food only, please!