Traje de Luces

"Suit of Lights"

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Suit of Lights

Traje de Luces translates to "Suit of Lights". This is because of the sequins and reflective thread.
The most popular colors are red, black, green, blue and white. The suit is worn with a white shirt, narrow black tie, a red, green or black sash knotted at the waist, pink, knee-high stockings, black ballet-style slippers and a black astrakhan which is a kind of two cornered hat. A traje de luces is worn by a matador (bullfighter), shown above.
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When & Where

The bullfighting season is from March to October. This takes place in a bullring.


The suit is hand-made, taking six people a month to create and costing from £1,500 to £2,400, the whole outfit usually costs over £3,000. A basic suit costs £1,650.
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