Chapter 22

✨Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, and Ghana ✨

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Egypt is across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia. Islam is now the major religion in Egypt.

  • It's climate is arid
  • It is made up mostly of vast desert plateau, hills and mountains in the east
  • It has over 70.7 million in population
  • It's ethnic groups are: Egyptians, bedouins and Berbers
  • It's based on agriculture
  • They export petroleum, cotton, yarn, raw etc

Muslims believes that the Quaran, their holy book,contain the words of God. Muslims pray five times a day. El Cairo ( Egypt capital) has more people than Chicago and Los Angeles. Shopping takes places in an open air market called bazaars. Most villages make their living by farming the farmers there are called fellaheen.

Did you know?😯

Education is a priority in the religion of Islam, one of the major religions practiced in Africa. From the 600s on, Muslims have studied art, literature, philosophy, math, astronomy, and medicine. Muslim mathematicans invented algebra.

*Most people live in Cairo than in any other city in Africa 👳


Kwame Nkrumah was the first leader of independent Ghana, Nkrumah believed that the people should benefit from the wealth of their own country.

  • It is located in the southern coast of West Africa
  • It's climate is tropical wet and dry
  • It's has low fertile plains and plateaus
  • Their major religion are traditional African religions, I slams and Christianity
  • It's economy is made up of agriculture and industries.
  • They export cocoa beans and products, gold, timber
In 1957, Nkrumah gave a moving speech to his people. Great Britain had finally agreed to grant them sovereignty or in other words political independence.

Kwame Nkrumah

A 26 year old student sailed from Ghana to the United States. He was the first leader of independent Ghana, showed his respect for African traditions by wearing traditional clothing.


The Sahara covers all of Algeria south of the Atlas Mountains and water is in short supply this area. For this reason, fewer than three percent of Algerias people live here. But because of their resourcefulness, Berber and Arab nomads have survived in the Sahara for hundreds of years. The Berbers and Arabs are Algerias two main ethnic groups.

  • It's climate is arid in the Sahara
  • It is made mostly of high plateau and desert
  • It's major religion are Islams
  • It government is republic
  • Their economy is mostly made up of agriculture, industries
  • They export petroleum and natural gas


Nigeria is located in the southern coast of West Africa,bordering the Atlantic Ocean, it has three different culture the Yoruba, the Ilbo. It's ethnic groups are made up of Muslims, Christian and traditional beliefs.

  • It's climat is mostly tropical and arid in north
  • It's terrain coastal plain and mountains
  • It's government is transitional
  • It's economy is mostly made up of agriculture and major industries
  • They export petroleum
Kano is the oldest city in west africa