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McCullough Junior High School - Week of September 14, 2020

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First Athletic Event was Friday!

McCullough's Cross Country Girls and Boys participated in their first meet of the year on Friday. All four teams across both grade levels were successful with each member earning a medal for their strong finish. Our 7th grade girls are pictured above after their two-mile race through the mud.

Missing Assignments

September 18th marks the end of the first six weeks of school. It is also a UIL eligibility date. If your child has missing assignments in any class, they can complete them this week without penalty. After Friday, September 18th, assignments will have a due date and will only be accepted according to our late policy as outlined below. Please be patient with teachers as late assignments are graded. Late work must be reviewed separately, so it may take up to a week to see grade changes.

Late Policy

Major – Major long-term assignments/projects will be accepted late for a 10% penalty per school day for a maximum of five school days following the day the assignment/project was due. After five school days, a late project will not be accepted. Examples of this include, but are not limited, to the Science Fair and Veterans’ Day projects.

Quiz – Homework assigned that will be taken as a quiz grade will be accepted late for a 10% penalty per school day for a maximum of five school days following the day the assignment/project was due. After five school days, a quiz will not be accepted. If a student is ill and out on the day the assignment/project is due, he/she will receive one day for each day they were out and the 10% potential penalty will initiate each day after those absence days have expired. For clarity, school days are defined as every day school occurs regardless of whether the class meets on a given day.

Daily – Daily work that is assigned as homework will not be accepted late for full credit. Daily work that is assigned as homework will be accepted late for a maximum grade of 50% by the next time the class meets. After this, daily work will not be accepted for a grade.

Car Rider Pick Up and Drop Off

Car Rider pick up and drop off is on the northwest side (football field area). There will be entry and exit only signs at the back parking lot for pick up and drop off. Traffic is continuous in the mornings from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. It is now under control in the afternoons after implementing the park-and-wait procedure (see map below). Friday afternoon, the car line was finished by 4:11 p.m.

Student drop off begins at 7:45 a.m. Enter the parking lot as indicated by the arrows on the map and follow the coned lane toward the building. When prompted, please have the student exit on the left side of the vehicle so they are closer to the sidewalk. Staff members will be on duty to ensure student safety as they exit their vehicles and enter the building.

Student pick up this week will begin at 3:50 p.m. Next week we will begin dismissal at 3:55 p.m. Our intent is to slowly get back to a 4:00 p.m. dismissal as in the past.

Parents who arrive early to campus may park in the area shown on the map to wait for their child. We ask that parents who are parked stand by their car and watch for their child. Once within sight, please meet them at the median near the crosswalk to escort them safely to the car.

Parents who remain in the car line should pull up to the first cone along the sidewalk near the Bock Auditorium entrance before stopping to load.

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Pick Up and Drop Off for Athletes and Fine Arts Students (In-Person and Remote Learners)

All athletes and fine arts students will use the front horseshoe when picking up students in the morning and dropping off in the afternoon so that the general car rider line is not affected. The front horseshoe entrance will also be used throughout the day for pick up and drop off of athletes and fine arts students who are Remote Learners.

PSAT 8/9 Test - October 14, 2020

On Wednesday, October 14th, we will be administering the PSAT 8/9 to all 8th graders at McCullough. This will be offered to both In-Person and Remote learners. Remote learners will need to come to campus to take the exam in person. This is not a test that is required by the state and will not have any impact on their advancement to high school. The PSAT 8/9 is a good indicator of how students will perform on the SAT in high school and is what our district uses to predict college readiness. You can find information about the PSAT 8/9 here:

Free Bagpipe Lessons Offered at TWHS

The Bagpipe Club at TWHS is taking recruits to learn the art of playing the bagpipe. Club members play a big role in Highlander life as they pipe at football games, rallies, banquets, and other sporting events.

A new class of beginners starts in October 2020. The club meets Monday afternoons. Contact Craig Livingston at or call 936.273.7329.

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Please consider joining the McCullough Jr. High School PTO. They are so supportive of our school. This year they purchased school shirts (see above picture) for our entire staff, picnic tables for students, and provided grab-and-go snack items for staff. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful PTO!

Please download the McC PTO Membership Form to join!

Highlander Huddle for Remote Learners

Highlander Huddle is a program that we are offering as an extra level of support for our remote learners. You can sign up for 15-minute individual sessions or 30-minute small group sessions for any help that you may need. We will do our best to troubleshoot any issues you are having. This is something that will be available to you as long as remote learning is taking place. We can help you with, but certainly not limited to, the following things:

  • Technology (Canvas, Google, etc.)
  • Schedule help
  • Study Skills

All you need to do is visit the Sign Up Genius link below and select a time to meet with one of our Highlander Huddle staff members. We are also happy to just give you an overview in one of these sessions of what this program is about and a chance to meet with one of our staff members!

Sign Up Genius Link:

Lunchtime Locations

Students have several location choices at lunch time. Students may choose to eat in the cafeteria, outdoors (picnic style), in the library, or in the LGI. Seating is limited in the LGI and library. These two areas are optimal for students who want to visit quietly, read a book, or study.

Student ID/Meal Cards

Students have been provided with a student ID/Meal Card in order to purchase a lunch without using the key pad. Please remind students to bring their IDs with them to the cafeteria.

Nurse/Clinic Information from Nurse Bianca

Hello from Nurse Bianca! I have missed the students tremendously!!! Please know that the health and safety of our students and staff are my TOP priority!

The following guidelines are from the CISD Roadmap to Reopening:

  • Any student with a temperature greater than or equal to 100°F and/or showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be masked as developmentally appropriate, isolated, and the parent/guardian notified for pick up.
  • Students who are ill will be isolated, masked when developmentally appropriate, and cared for by school personnel until the parent/guardian retrieves them.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to pick up ill students within one hour of notification by school personnel.
  • Parents/guardians should have alternative arrangements if they are unable to pick up their student within one hour.


The State of Texas has not waived immunization requirements, therefore, if your child is needing any immunizations, please get in touch with your health provider to get caught up as soon as possible. This is valid for both in-person and remote learning. If you have a conscientious objection affidavit, please drop off the original at the clinic.

Please remember the deadline for updated immunizations is September 14th. If you have an appointment scheduled with your provider after this date, please call the clinic with the updated information.


Prescription Medication

At this time we can not accept any nebulizer medications/treatment at school.

If your child is going to require prescription medication at school, please email or call the clinic to make arrangements to drop off and fill out the required paperwork. This will be by appointment only. If your child has a medication that is once a day, please administer at home if possible.

Over the Counter Medications

Over the counter medication, such as Ibuprofen and Tylenol, and other medications that treat Covid-19 symptoms, such as cold and cough medications, prescription medication such as an inhaler, will require a physician note with a medical diagnosis to administer at school.


If your child has a medical/health condition that the clinic needs to be aware of this school year, please contact the clinic and send in any School Health Action Plan/Medication Orders so we can assist your child if needed. We do have some CISD health forms as well that the provider can fill out and return to us.

To reach the clinic with any questions please call:

Main: 832-592-5122

Fax: 832-592-5127