Are YOU one of the offenders of nature?

Yea, I'm one of them!

You may have left the water on while brushing your teeth, left your gaming console on because you didn't want your 'progress' to be lost, or you may have just left the light on when you went on a 3-week vacation (which is a little dumb). Point being, if you have memories of any instance you wasted without using, your basically killing the Earth! What may seem small may grow to be a problem that threatens the extinction of life as we know it! Global Warming, an increased amount of tropical storms, and polluted air are not things that just happen! They are a direct result of not following the triple R's (REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE). If the tittle 'Yea, I'm one of them!' fits you after reading this, then keep on reading!


You may Reuse and Recycle, but do you really, really Reduce? Reducing is the MOST important step! It may seem Recycle would be the best but if you don't Reduce, you're wasting! One of the main things is (Drum Roll) WATER!!! Yes teens, water is the most wasted thing on the Earth. Only 2-3% of all the water on Earth is actually safe to consume! Now, split that 2-3% to EVERYBODY in the world! Some ways to pocket some extra 'moola' (or cash) for your parents so they can buy you that 'new necklace' or a new 'DLC for your game' are: Not taking an HOUR (!!!) to take a shower (honestly, that is really the only most water-consuming thing that most of us do daily)! You can sing outside the shower and if you think that the air outside the shower would feel 'too cold' if you got out, it is only going to get colder the longer you stay in the shower! Every minute, you waste about 2-3 liters of water in the shower. If you do the math, a one hour shower wastes more water than you would use in a week! Additionally, if you take a shower every day (like you should), then you're obviously wasting a WHOLE lot of water! Power shower instead! Remember, you should only get in a shower to get clean. That takes only FIVE minutes (NOT an hour). If you can't remember, try this motto: 'Power shower (don't take an hour)!'.


This ISN'T a real organization. This is for a school project.