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May 2016

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Research Assistants Needed!!

Naturalistic Observation of Social Interactions (NOSI) Lab

Director: Matthias Mehl, Ph.D., Professor of Social Psychology

Description and Responsibilities: We are recruiting research assistants to work on two different projects beginning August 2016:

· Suicidality. This project studies the daily behaviors and social interactions of adolescents who have recently been hospitalized for suicidal thought or behavior. We do this using a naturalistic observation tool called the EAR, which is a device worn by participants that makes periodic audio recordings as participants go about their daily lives. By sampling their daily behaviors and interactions, we are able to examine how things such as how family interactions and peer relationships influence resiliency in adolescents following a hospitalization for suicidality. Research assistant responsibilities for this project include: transcribing and coding recorded conversations, and attending weekly lab meetings during which we discuss what we’re learning from this project as well as relevant research.

· Implicit Biases. This project examines the quality of interactions between doctors in a primary care setting and their patients. For this study, we will be audio-recording the doctor-patient interactions during medical appointments to examine things such as how much certain topics of conversation come up (e.g., health-related behaviors), tone of voice, language use, and frequency of emotional expression (e.g., anger, crying). Then we will examine how these behaviors or aspects of conversation relate to quality of the doctors’ and patients’ perceptions of the interaction. Research assistant responsibilities include: Transcribing and coding recorded conversations, entering data, and weekly lab meetings during which we discuss research relevant to projects.

Qualifications: We are looking for reliable, responsible, and hard-working students who are interested in clinical, social or health psychology and pay attention to detail. Spanish-speaking students are strongly encouraged to apply.

Because of the necessary training, a two-semester commitment is required. These projects provide valuable first-hand research experience for students who are thinking about going to graduate school!

To apply: Please contact Deanna Kaplan at:

Interviews will be conducted during May of 2016.

Sleep Research Lab
Research Assistant Position for Summer 2016 and Potentially Beyond

Current Projects:

- Health and Cognitive impacts of sleep restriction in older adults

- Overnight sleep study examining a new breathing training treatment device for sleep apnea

RA Duties:

- In-lab and In-home assessments with research participants (sleep, health and mood questionnaires; Cognitive testing)

- Objective sleep measurement training (actigraphy, polysomnography - sleep study)

- Data Entry


- GPA: 2.75 or higher

- 10 hours/week for at least the summer

- Weekday 3-4 hour daytime blocks of availability

- Some travel for in-home assessments

- Willingness to do some overnight shifts

- Enrollment in the Independent Study course for credit

To Apply:

Email resume (relevant coursework, GPA, work experience) and an estimate of your summer availability to

The Child Cognition Lab

The Child Cognition Lab under Dr. Gomez (Psychology) is looking for students to help administer experiments investigating language acquisition, memory development, and sleep in infants, toddlers, and preschool age children. Student research assistants receive 3 hours of independent study credit for a 9.5-hr/week commitment (total of 135 hours/summer).


1) Availability 2 or more weekdays for 5.5 or more consecutive hours

Between the hours of 9:30a – 3:00p

2) Personal vehicle

3) Have had a driver's license for at least 2 years

This is an exciting opportunity for those interested in early childhood cognition and development, who want to get a foot in the door to cutting edge research on cognitive neuroscience. More details are available in response to email inquiries.

Please send a resume and your Summer 2016 availability to Beth Campbell <> with inquiries.

Psycholinguistics West Lab

Independent Study Opportunities in Bilingual Language - Fall/2016

Are you interested in how well second language learners operate in their second language? Are you interested in exploring what makes a second language easier or harder to learn? Are you interested testing the so-called "cognitive advantage" that is claimed to be shown by bilinguals? If so, contact Dr. J. Nicol (

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Call for Papers for Psychology Undergraduates

The Arizona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, in affiliation with Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry and the University of Arizona Division of Student Affairs, invites students to submit papers for its 2016-2017 issue. Articles should be interdisciplinary and may focus on any subject that addresses questions at the intersection of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and other areas of study. Articles may vary in length but should be approximately 3750-5000 words, not including endnotes. Students are encouraged to submit new pieces of original research but may use papers from class such as capstone theses, essays, and research papers. The Journal is printed by the University of Arizona.

Paper Submission Deadline: May 13, 2016

Submission Instructions: Please email your paper to by Friday, May 13 2016. Include ‘AZJIS Submission’ in the subject line.

Please format your submission in Chicago Style. On the cover page, include your name, the title, and an abstract. Due to our blind review process, please include your name only on the cover page. Please note that we have a rolling review process and that early submissions prior to the January 7th deadline are strongly encouraged. You will be notified of our selections by May 30, 2016. The issue will be published in October 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Psychology Advising

How to Make an Advising Appointment

Advising appointments can be scheduled by going to


Liz Sandoval-Marchand – Students with last names A-D (

Keri Bishop – Students with last names E-L and HONORS (

Christy Ball – Students with last names M-R (

Shelley Bernstein – Students with last names S-Z (