Where Is Middle Earth???


About Iceland?

This country is to the NW of Europe and the landscape of this region is just beautiful and hard to take your eyes off of. It is open spaced and has many beautiful mountains and hills. You won't believe your eyes when you see their caves of light's and color with a pinch of magnificent.Also in Iceland they speak Icelandic. I know so creative right. For example saying "hello my name is Alanni," you would say halló minn nafn er Alanni. Furthermore, Icelandic culture has been shaped by isolation and the extreme forces of nature because it right in the smack dab of the North Atlantic. Through the centuries, Iceland has developed a unique tradition for storytelling and literature. What that is trying to say is that they are based off a tradition of storytelling and literature.

Why Iceland?

In the Hobbit they filmed in New Zealand. As you can see New Zealand is also open-spaced and has many hills. Iceland resembles New Zealand quite well in my perspective. You see Iceland is much closer any way because it's only 3,548 miles and New Zealand is 7,793 miles away from the US. Iceland 1, New Zealand 0. Apart from both being beautiful Iceland has a more Middle Earth look because of it's land space and grassy areas. Those areas would be great for the filming of Hobbit Hole(Bilbo Baggin's Home). Also there caves are ginormous and magnificent in color which would depict Gollum's home very nicely. Even though these two places are very similar there are some drastic differences. Iceland has caves that are beautiful and bright while New Zealand has darkish caves with long rivers. Iceland may be different then New Zealand, but I can tell you it is way more beautiful than any country you would ever see.


In Conclusion

To sum it up, the real Middle Earth is Iceland. Why, because of its beauty and open landscapes. It really isn't made of ice, but of grassy hills and mountains. Once you get there it will be a world of exquisiteness. It's plain and is not overdoing it with to many trees or mountains. It is just perfect.

Imagine Peace Tower Relit on Spring Equinox

Friday, March 20th, 8-11:45pm


Hafnarfjörður, Capital Region

The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER will light up the even­ing sky on spring equinox and the week follow­ing. It is lit at 8:00 until midnight. This is the time when the day is app­rox­ima­tely equally long as the night. The timing of the relig­ht­ing of the tower is in connection to Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s marriage on 20 March 1969.