Bring a Parent to School Day

November 16, 2018

What is it?

We are very proud of the work we do each day with your child and would like to give you a first hand look into a day in the life of our little eagles! Each guest will experience Reading Workshop, STEAM, Music and either Phonics, Writing or Math. We look forward to a wonderful day!

Important Information

  • We will begin promptly at 7:50
  • Please stop by and scan your ID before Friday
  • One adult per student **If you have a special circumstance, please contact Mrs.Griffith or Mrs.Lane to make arrangements.
  • Unfortunately, we can not accommodate siblings
  • This is not a day for parent conferences. We want all guests to experience school just as your student does.
  • Kinder parents will report to the cafeteria with your child. First and Second Grade parents will go to the gym. Mrs.Griffith and Mrs.Lane will talk with each group of parents before releasing them to class.

Pre K will have their Bring Your Parent to School Day / Writing Celebration on November 30th. Details to come.


  • We will run event parking on this morning (see map below)
  • There will be a shuttle that will pick up in visitor parking by the baseball fields. The shuttle will run from 7:15 -7:40.
  • We will have a designated crossing area for anyone that parks across Eagle Spirit

We encourage everyone to carpool or park in visitor parking by the baseball fields and take the shuttle!

Big picture

Parent Expectations

  • When you walk through the door you will be transformed into kid.
  • Please keep cell phones on silent and be present in the moment.
  • No parent conferences at this time.
  • Follow classroom expectations as your students do.



8:00-9:20- Classroom Time

9:20-10:00- Specials Rotation


8:00-8:40- Specials Rotation

8:40-10:00- Classroom Time


8:00-8:40- Classroom Rotation (Homeroom)

8:40-9:20- Specials Rotation

9:20-10:00- Classroom Rotation

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